Capcom Announces Four Characters For Season V Of ‘Street Fighter V’: Dan, Rose, Oro, and Akira

Capcom recently confirmed four of the five characters in their final expansion to Street Fighter V.  Dan, Oro, Rose, and Akira from Rival Schools will all be coming to the game.  These characters were revealed in a special stream that also talked about how the game is currently available for free until the 19th.  The PlayStation blog goes into detail on all five of these characters:


Yahoo! Returning to Street Fighter V is the Master of Saikyo Style martial arts, Dan Hibiki! Dan’s origins go all the way back to Street Fighter Alpha as a hidden character, and he’s made multiple appearances in other Street Fighter and Capcom titles in the years since. His last appearance was in Street Fighter IV, but he’ll have some new tricks up his sleeves in Street Fighter V.

Could some of his unique taunts and antics be tied to his V-Skill or V-Trigger? The SFV Dev team has more on Dan:

Dan has always had a dominating and unique fighting style with the “Saikyo-ryu” style and his trademark “Taunt.” He’s also known for his quest to avenge his father, Gou Hibiki, who was defeated by Sagat. You may have spotted his sister, Yuriko Hibiki in the in-game store!

Dan’s new special move is “Danretsuken,” a multiple punch attack which debuted as one of Dan’s moves in Ultra Street Fighter IV’s Omega Mode. Finally, Dan’s “Taunt” has evolved, making it much more useful in battle! 


A fan-favorite and highly-requested character, Rose also makes her triumphant return from Street Fighter IV and the Street Fighter Alpha series.

Rose has made multiple appearances in Street Fighter V – notably in Menat’s story. At long last, she’ll be playable in SFV in Spring 2021! Here’s some info on Rose from the SFV Dev team:

Rose, a Fortune Teller working in Genoa, Italy, is able to utilize her unique Soul Power. She’s also Menat’s Master and teacher. Originally from the Street Fighter Alpha series, Rose has a mysterious connection with M. Bison.

Her fighting style was originally designed to have strong anti-projectile and anti-air attacks. Please look forward to how she has changed for SFV when she’s added to the game in the future! We also remember that the Soul Satellite was pretty strong back in Street Fighter IV, so please tune in for more information on that as well!


The mysterious hermit with superhuman strength, Oro makes his long-awaited comeback in Street Fighter V next summer! But, he’s already been around for a while, hasn’t he? Have you noticed Oro making appearances in Street Fighter V? Quick note from the SFV dev team: Oro’s age is over 130 years old and, apparently, he refers to Dhalsim as “Youngster.”

Oro originally appeared as a brand new character in Street Fighter III: New Generation, and quickly became a fan favorite. With one of the most unconventional playstyles in Street Fighter history, Oro uses only one of his arms to fight by utilizing various unorthodox attacks, including balls of light and pulling rocks from the ground to orbit around him as a shield. Although you can see he has both arms out in this sketch, one of them is holding… a turtle! This is actually a part of Oro’s fighting style, as he challenges himself to keep the turtle in his hand balanced during the fight. How will this affect his moves in Street Fighter V? We’ll find out soon enough!


Did we catch you by surprise? We’re thrilled to share that the fourth character in Season V is Akira Kazama from the Rival Schools series! This will be Akira’s first appearance in a Street Fighter game, but it’s not her first foray against members of the Street Fighter cast. Akira has previously faced off against Sakura, who appeared as a guest character in Rival Schools: United by Fate. A quick note from the SFV Dev Team:

We are currently developing Akira so that we utilize Rival School’s originality as well as incorporating new ways to play. We can’t wait to share more on how Akira’s playstyle will evolve for Street Fighter V! 

Players waiting on these new characters have a long wait ahead of them. Dan isn’t due out until Winter 2020, with Rose coming in the Spring and Oro and Akira coming during Summer.  The fifth character remains unannounced, but will appear during Fall 2021.

Capcom recently confirmed four of the five characters in their final expansion to Street Fighter V.  Dan, Oro, Rose, andCOMICONRead More

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