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When things do open back up for travel to other countries there is still one thing you may be worried about. The language barrier. Whether or not you are fluent in a certain language still could create a problem to those who don’t understand. Especially if you are trying to social distance, wear a mask and speak a foreign language. That’s where Donut Robotics comes in with this new facemask called the C-Face Smart Mask that will translate eight different languages for you.

How it works is there is a built in microphone that is connected via bluetooth to an app. The app then can translate and speak in whatever language you are trying to communicate in. So if you speak Japanese and are trying to talk to an English speaker, you can just speak Japanese and have the app translate.

The mask is made from silicone rubber so it is easily sanitized. It’s also meant to go over a medical grade mask so you will still need to wear a regular mask underneath. The app will cost an extra fee for services but they are estimating the cost of the mask itself to be around $40-$50 which isn’t that much for a translating tool. Plus you can just have it and then when you go tot travel activate the app.

This is a really cool invention. And it promotes social distancing and communication. If you want to check out the website for it you can do so by clicking the link here.

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If you want to be able to communicate while traveling then this is a pretty cool tool to use!
The post There’s Now a Facemask that Translates Eight Languages! appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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