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Here in the UK we continue ti enjoy an unprecedented heatwave while over in the States many young people are returning to school and all the while the global threat of coronavirus continues unabated. These really are strange days we are living in, so I recommend you stay safe, stay indoors and catch up with our weekly top ten posts from the last week instead…

  1. People are getting hyped for the forthcoming Amazon Prime animated adaption of Robert Kirkman’s Invincible with the news of original artist on the series, Corey Walker and involvement in the pre-production design being big news this week. take a look at some of the character designs here.
  2. We seem to have a good deal of Korean film fans out there, with the new trailer for Train to Busan sequel, Penisula, dropping a new trailer this week which you can watch here.
  3. Another trailer for a Korean film that came out this week was for Space Sweepers from director Jo Sung-hee who also co-wrote the film with writing partners Yoon Seung-min and Yoo-kang Seo-ae. Check it out here.
  4. I don’t think this column would be the same if we didn’t include the latest look at 2000AD by our regular 2000AD expert, Richard Bruton, with another deep dive into last week’s Prog to be found here.
  5. Sticking with comics and there was a good deal of news that caught your discerning eye. First up we had the announcement that Cullen Bunn was launching an exclusive comic, Deepest Catacombs, on his  Patreon page. Details can be found here.
  6. DC Comics announced two new tie-ins to Dark Nights: Death Metal which you read all about here.
  7. Meanwhile Image Comics announced more Monstress from Marjorie Liu and Sana Takeda this fall. More here on this piece of news.
  8. We also talked with indie and Latinx creator Marco Finnegan about how new sci-fi/socio-political graphic novel set in 1943, Lizard in a Zoot Suit here.
  9. After word got out about a certain superhero wedding having taken place and being mentioned at the end of Empyre #4, it’s no surprise this issue sold out. More here.
  10. Finally, Canadian based Koom Kankesan (we are a very global community here at Comicon HQ) gave us an insight into returning to the cinemas in Canada post Lockdown. Read all about it here.

Here in the UK we continue ti enjoy an unprecedented heatwave while over in the States many young people areCOMICONRead More

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