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The Last Blockbuster is now offering an End of Summer sleepover that you can book through Airbnb. You are able to book this amazing place starting August 17th at 1pm PT for dates between September 18th, 19th and 20th.

AirBnB/The Last Blockbuster

You will be able to have up to four guests and will be staying overnight in a living room type set up. Complete with a fold out couch that has a 90’s inspired bedspread that now that I see it, I kind of need one for myself. And you get an inflatable mattress that can hold up to two people. You will be able to peruse the shelves and pick movies to watch all night with a group of family or friends.

AirBnB/The Last Blockbuster

Not only that but if you ever worked at Blockbuster then it could bring back vivid memories of having to stay overnight to do inventory. Not that our accommodations were this fancy when we had to stay up coffee fueled and count movies. But we did have a break room for naps.

During the day customers will be able to check out the living room space but after you check in the area is all yours. They are going to be providing masks and hand sanitizer along with cleaning wipes to make your stay more sanitary. As well as cleaning ahead of your arrival according to CDC standards.

AirBnB/The Last Blockbuster

The real kicker is that you get to stay here for just a penny more than a DVD rental. That’s right they are charging $4 per stay. Not sure if that’s per person but when you do the drop down option and say you have four people it still says $4 so it’s more of a lottery than actually charging you. I assume concessions are an extra fee that will be added in the morning before you check out.

Right now the accommodations are only available for the people that live in Deschutes County but hopefully they will bring this on as a permanent attraction. If you want to check out the listing click the link here!

If you can’t make this but still want to support them and keep them in business they are also selling merchandise with the Blockbuster logo on it. Including sweats and membership cards! Check it out here.

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Ready to pull an all nighter? Well The Last Blockbuster is booking overnight stays for a limited time only! Free reign of snacks and movies for you and up to four people!
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