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This is one of those times when I again thank Dinosaur Dracula for only posting the best and most interesting content on the web. If he’s not talking about Halloween or seasonal foodstuffs he’s showing off interesting vintage toys. And something he posted up on Twitter today caught my eye and the eyes of many other Michael Myers fans. Someone on Ebay is selling a 35′ foot inflatable that honestly, if I had the room I would find a way to crowdfund buying.


Now you may be thinking “Oh no!” is this the only one available? And the anwer is no. This person on Ebay can make you anything in any size. 4sale4younow! is offering to make these for Halloween if you order now. So if you want it for the holidays you should order soon. The listing is set at around $3k but the seller does say that he is available to negotiate. Because if you choose different materials the cost may go up or down. Plus this thing lights up from the inside, so it looks even more ominous at night.


The one shown in the listing is made of heavy fabric. The listing goes on to say:

Design:Inflatable Michael MyersType:

  • Inflatable Trampoline
  • Age Range:Adults
  • Product number:AWLE-ds 314784
  • Origin:Finland
  • Materail:Pu coated Oxford fabric
  • Size:(35ft) H 
  • Color:Same as picture or customized
  • Package:Storage bag for product and carton for blower
  • Blower:Included, CE 220v-240v or UL 110v-120v
  • Production time:Around 8 days
  • 8 days to ship to door ….total 16 days.

So if you want to get one you should try for it now. Ebay also offers payment plans so you can treat this inflatable like a new car. Check out the listing by clicking the link here.

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Seeing this Michael Myers lit up towering over the neighborhood just might make for the perfect Halloween!
The post Someone on Ebay Selling a 35′ Foot Michael Myers Inflatable appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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