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Yes, playing a video game is a pleasant experience and all, but, the primary reason behind why gaming has become a mainstream thing now is on the grounds that it offers amusement unlike any other. The evolution of broadcasting applications and screen recording programs has made sharing gaming videos online possible, and with YouTube’s presence, it has been more simpler to see gaming videos of various kinds on the internet. YouTube is one of the best apps for this purpose. The gaming business is on the rise in light of the fact that an increasing number of individuals appreciate watching videos that tell them the best way to defeat challenges they experience in a game. Even you can start your Youtube channel, here is a quick guide on theverifiedlist.com about how you can start your gaming Youtube channel.

So in this article, we will tell you about some of the top gaming YouTubers and rank them dependent on their popularity and the quantity of subscribers their channels have.

Top 5 Gaming YouTubers in 2020 You Should Know.

1. DanTDM. [Daniel Middleton]

Other than being one of the top gaming YouTubers, Daniel Middleton, the 26-year-old guy behind the DanTDM channel is likewise one of the most wealthy gamers on YouTube with the total worth of around $40 million. The videos Daniel uploads to his channel center around various methods of Minecraft, and at the start, most of his viewers were children from 5 to 10 years of age.

Daniel began his channel in 2012 under the name The Diamond Minecraft, however he transformed it to DanTDM in 2016, since he began uploading videos of other computer games, for example, Roblox games or Tomodachi Life. Presently, DanTDM channel has more than 23.5 million subscribers.

2. VanossGaming. [Evan Fong]

Evan Fong a 26-year-old from Toronto, Canada is the owner of one of the most compelling gaming channels on YouTube. Evan Fong is additionally marked as one of the highest paid YouTubers with the total worth of $25 million. The VanossGaming channel as of now has more than 25.1 million subscriptions which gives Evan a ton of influence on YouTube.

His videos vary across all classifications of mainstream computer games, for example, Grand Theft Auto or Call of Duty and they often highlight him and his companions making fun of the ongoing gameplay. The VanossGaming channel was made in 2011 and it as of now has more than 12.3 billion absolute views. A year ago Evan launched the Rynx channel which centers around music, however it is still a long way from being as compelling as the channel that made Even popular.

3. Markiplier. [Mark Edward Fischbach]

Despite the fact that Mark Fischbach is one of the top gaming YouTubers, his channel Markiplier likewise includes comedy videos. With 25.4 million subscribers and the total worth of some $24 million, Mark is undeniably one of the most influential gamers and YouTubers today.

He, for the most part, delivers ‘Let’s Play’ gaming videos and frequently covers horror and indie games like Slender: The Eight Pages or Surgeon Simulator2 , yet he every now and then covers standard games like Minecraft also. Mark is additionally popular for hosting live streams in which he gathers gifts for admirable missions. The Markiplier channel was made in May 2012 and a couple of years after, in 2014 it was positioned at no. 61 on New Media Rockstars Top 100 Channels.

4. Jacksepticeye. [Seán William McLoughlin]

Seán William McLoughlin is the YouTube’s most energetic commentator, or so everybody says, who as of now lives in Brighton, England. He stresses his Irish origin by beginning every video of his by saying “Top of the mornin’ to ya laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye!,” with a solid Irish pronunciation.

Seán began making Let’s Play gaming videos in 2012 and only a year later PewDiePie, one of the most popular YouTubers at one point referenced him in one of his videos, and the Jacksepticeye channel got over 10,000 new subscriptions in under four days. Right now, this YouTube channel has more than 9.4 billion total views and more than 24.5 million subscribers. He likewise made an appearance on Disney’s Polaris: Player Select show and RTÉ One’s The Late Late Show.

5. CaptainSparklez. [Jordan Maron]

The CaptainSparklez channel is being run by a 26-year-old YouTuber, computer game engineer and music producer from Los Angles, California, named Jordan Maron since 2010. Jordan for the most part plays Minecraft in his videos, however he additionally uploads animations, mod and command block reviews.

His CaptainSparklez channel has more than 10.8 million subscribers, while his other YouTube channels Maron Music, Jordan Maron and CaptainSparklez2 have comparatively less subscribers. Jordan frequently delivers Minecraft-themed music video parodies, but lately he has likewise been making unique music for these videos. In 2015 he showed up as CaptainSparklez in the TV series Gamer’s Guide to Pretty Much Everything and the next year he showed up on the Bad Internet TV series.


The gamers and Internet personalities we mentioned in this article are very influential and their videos reach at millions of views from all around the world and their channels still keep on growing. They demonstrate that being a top gaming YouTuber is a full time job, that can create a good income.

So, tell us who is your favorite gaming YouTuber, we’d love to know who to look out for next!

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Yes, playing a video game is a pleasant experience and all, but, the primary reason behind why gaming has become a mainstream thing now is on the grounds that it offers amusement unlike any other.
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