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Swag bag ideas are some of the gifts that can please your coworkers, followers, or clients and that will definitely give the wow factor if chosen carefully. Bags are practical, elegant, versatile, and are some of the best corporate gifts to purchase.

Leave the freebies to another company, these are the best marketing goodie bag ideas that will give some promotional swag to your campaigns.

Whether you’re a CEO that wants to please your audience or a marketing director preparing a thrilling campaign, you’ll get plenty of ideas in this article. Without further ado, let’s jump into the best swag bags to give as holiday gifts 2020!

Incase City Compact Backpack – $99.95

The Incase City Compact backpack one of the best marketing goodie bag ideas to thrill your audience that you should consider. First of all, it is a great accessory to take around with you anywhere. From taking it to the office with your laptop and other belongings to take to the library with your folder, it’s extremely useful.

For the ones in your audience working remotely, it will be one of the corporate event goodie bags that will help them store their laptop and charger to get to the coffee shop or co-working space to get things done.

Moreover, it has a large compartment, quick-access pockets, and padded shoulder straps and these will certainly please your audience. Lastly, it is one of the best examples of swag bag ideas for business purposes.

To sum up, this is one nice swag bag idea to improve your image in your audience’s eyes and that they’ll use on a daily basis.

Native Union NIGHT Cable – $34.99

The night cable from Native Union is a fantastic swag bag idea for employees that will please everyone from techies to business people. Everyone needed a backup charger at some point when their cell phone had run out of battery, and this is the perfect solution.

Of course, other than charging their mobile when they need it the most, your audience will be happy to know that it has a weighted knot that will keep it on their desk without falling down.

We think it’s one of the best marketing goodie bag ideas that won’t break the bank and that will create the wow factor. Lastly, there are 4 colors and styles available so you’ll have more choice to make everyone happy.

Needless to say, this is one of the greatest swag gifts to add to your bag and that will definitely please everyone in your audience.

Touchland Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Spray – $30.00

Hand sanitizers have become way more popular and famous this year than ever before. However, Touchland takes it to the next level with a nicely perfumed spray that will not only improve your employer’s satisfaction, but that will be some of the nicest wellness swag bag ideas.

Apart from being a good addition to your employees and clients’ belongings due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it is also great to use in situations such as public restrooms or crowded places. Imagine touching something dirty and not be able to clean your hands right away, well, this is the answer.

Powerbeats High-Performance Wireless Earbuds – $149.95

The wireless earbuds from Beats are some of the marketing goodie bag ideas that will impress everyone in your audience. In fact, who doesn’t like some stunning earbuds while working at their desk, listening to their favorite music free of distractions?

What is really great about these earbuds is their endless features. From its 15-hour listening time to being water and sweat resistant to their comfortable fit in the ear, everyone will love them.

Whether your employees work from the office or remotely, they’ll keep out of distractions with these high-quality earbuds. Of course, employees and managers who like to go to the gym will be able to wear them, and that’s certainly a fantastic feature. Did we mention that they’ll be able to pair two sets of Beats headphones to one iPhone?

Timbuk2 Foundry Pack – $229.00

This list wouldn’t be complete without the Foundry pack from Timbuk2, one of the best corporate event goodie bags for employees and audience. Whether your friends or coworkers like to stay classy when taking their stuff around or remain elegant when going to the office, they’ll definitely be pleased with this bag.

For instance, they will be able to take it to the office with headphones, a charger, a notebook, and more. That is certainly one of the versatile swag bag ideas for employees that will make your reputation grow.

It is also available in different colors and that is great to please men and women in your audience! Needless to say, your employees, coworkers, and clients will love this marketing goodie bag idea.

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Swag bag ideas are some of the gifts that can please your coworkers, followers, or clients and that will definitely give the wow factor if chosen carefully.
The post 5 Swag Bag Ideas To Thrill Your Audience appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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