Review: ‘Amazing Spider-Man #46’ Finally Makes The Sin-Eater Interesting

The Sin-Eater continues to wreak havoc in Spider-Man’s life by…killing criminals and turning them into good guys? He’s basically become a supernatural Punisher, but to what end? Spidey is just as confused as we are as he tries to put the pieces together. Meanwhile, the public gets a glimpse of this returned villain and they approve. On the surface, this seems like a good thing, right?

The narrative used in Amazing Spider-Man #46 pulls you in. Writer Nick Spencer tells this through flashback as witnesses and Spider-Man recount the story. The interesting bit here is how the two sides of the tale differ. The web-head has a suspicious perspective while the people who saw the Sin-Eater take down the Lethal Legion with brute force are all for him. The picture becomes clearer as the comic goes on.

Letterer Joe Caramgna guides us through this well, interlacing Spider-Man’s narration in caption boxes with the first hand accounts of the eye witnesses. The placement drives home the doubts going through the wall-crawler’s head as he puts on his thinking cap.

At times, it’s hard to understand how the public could see the Sin-Eater as a sort of hero. Artist Marcel Ferriera depicts him as a menacing force of nature, staring at his victims with unblinking eyes that pierce into their very souls. He carries his shotgun like a sword of justice, swinging it at the villains with great prejudice. At the end of the day though, the Lethal Legion came in, terrorized the audience of a presentation and killing folks, then this guy swooped in and took them all out.

Inker Roberto Poggi captures all the details in Ferriera’s linework. Although you can’t see the Sin-Eater’s face, you know the sickening expressions that are on it by how his features twist and contort under the mask. There is some great texture work here.

Colorist David Curiel adds to this as well, creating an uneasy tone for the battle. While the Sin-Eater is shown in his bright green and purple costume, he looks very intimidating and nothing short of deadly. The bright lights around him shine at times while also casting dark shadows, making for a nice contrast.

While I’m not entirely sold on “Sins Rising” just yet, this issue definitely pulled me in a bit more. It certainly came with a whole new set of questions, but it made the Sin-Eater a more interesting threat, which is something that has not been done since the character’s resurrection. Hopefully we’ll see how this plays into Kindred’s overall plans soon.

Amazing Spider-Man #46 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

The Sin-Eater continues to wreak havoc in Spider-Man’s life by…killing criminals and turning them into good guys? He’s basically becomeCOMICONRead More

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