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The Third Issue of Scott Synder and Greg Capullos delve into the dark multiverse, “Dark Nights : Death Metal“, was just dropped this week.

In last weeks issue, we saw the Batman Who Laughs (BWL) transfer his consciousness into a Doctor Manhattan Body, and Diana and Bruce recap what went wrong and their plans to fix it. A gaggle of heroes then jump into a Super Wonder Bat Mecha and go to rescue their super hero comrades.

With that out of the way, and with full SPOILERS ahead, lets get into this weeks issue.

Death Metal Part 3

Bruce being blasted by Darkfathers gun, which was configured to erase him from existence, which turned out to be unaffected.
Art by Greg Capullo / Dc Comics

We open to a crashed super robot, being investigated by some …. Bat men …. when it suddenly explodes in a trap via Jonah Hex. Meanwhile, the squad of Batman, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn and Swamp Thing Head Into the depths of New Apokolips to rescue Superman and the league.

They go to take down an Darkseid-Batman who was torturing Clark, who attempts to erase Bruce from existence. After failing they take him down, there being a brief mention of secrets Bruce and Clark are keeping from Diana.

The Robin King finds the JSA, and the BWL chases after the three flashes.Our trinity then resuce the league and reveal how they plan to stay cloaked from their enemies- through Jarro! We end this issue watching Lobo continue his search for an unknown object, revealing that he’s taking orders from Lex Luthor.

The Issue Overall

The Best Robin, and Best son of Batman, Jarro makes his return in this issue as an essential part of the heroes plans to save the multiverse.
Art by Greg Capullo / Dc Comics

I’m going to tackle this review by highlighting the best and worst part of this issue, and what those are emblematic of within the scope of the story.

The worst part of this issue is the missed opportunity of the Super Wonder Bat Robot. It was this cool moment that ended the last issue, but the next time we see it, it’s in shambles. You could’ve have some cool moments with the machine but, I’m assuming, due to the limited page/issue count of the story they cut to its crash. But the idea of this robot fighting through the defenses of New Apokolipse, would’ve been cool.

The best part of this issue absolutely was the return of Jarro. Not only is their plan of using his power to cloak them clever, but its also the return of a highlight of the justice League books.

The ideas these two point represent are the following : the first being the showcase of something cool yet not properly playing it out and the second being a cool feature of a character that is cool and makes plot sense.

I’m worried that this book will keep presenting cool ideas like the super robot, but then skip ahead past its initial story focus. But, since I haven’t gotten too much evidence that this will happen again. Although I do have this sneaking suspicion that this all a some dream of Wonder Woman’s or something.

If you liked the issue, let us know! Did it make you excited for more Death Metal or are you regretting spending money on another issue? Leave your opinion in the comments down below.

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It’s Time to Break out Superman and the League in this Brand New Issue of Synder and Capullos Dive int Madness, Dark Nights : Death Metal !
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