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Last year Target took a big step with their inclusive Halloween costumes with designs that included things like a princess carriage and a pirate ship. Now Disney has introduced their own line of adaptive Halloween costumes that you can get to dress up your kid and their chair. Hopefully they make adult costumes soon but for now they are only available in kids sizes.

The costumes are great for those that are in a sitting position. They are meant to wrap around you and they have velcro in the back for easy application. They are also non restrictive for kids who don’t like feeling like they can’t move. And are easy to take off if they need to go to the bathroom. They also have spaces in the front to insert tubes for any apparatus that may be used by the child. They currently have three costumes available including Cinderella’s ball gown, Buzz Lightyear, and an Incredible Costume.


The wheelchair covers have big felt pieces and tube insertion places. So you build it over the wheelchair and kind of like a kids tent where you attach and join the tubing. Or if you’ve ever built one of those kids canopy toddler beds. Right now for the wheelchairs they have two designs, Cinderella’s coach and an Incredimobile.

Cinderella’s Coach from Disneystore
Icredimobile from Disneystore

Both the costumes and the wheelchair covers are going for $49.99 so you will end up spending about $100 if you want both. But I would say it’s worth it to make your little one feel like a superhero or a princess for the night. Plus you could always reuse them for easy cosplay!

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Disney has put out some adaptive costumes and wheelchair covers for this Halloween!
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