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Two of our favorite movies are getting a board game adaptation. While the “Titanic” game feels like it might be some kind of Kobiyashi Maru, the “The Princess Bride” one seems much more manageable. Don’t get me wrong though, I’m totally going to get both for game night. Maybe a 2021 game night..

The Princess Bride

This game will be coming out on October 24, 2020. Target will have it listed on their website.

The official description is this:

The Princess Bride Adventure Book Game differs from traditional board games in that players interact with different game boards within the “book.” Players will become immersed in the story as they complete each chapter and navigate their way through locations found in the 1987 film, The Princess Bride. In this chapter-based board game, players need to work together to keep the plot of the story on course and tell all six chapters despite constant interruptions from a sick Grandson and interference from Vizzini, Count Rugen and Prince Humperdink. Players cooperate to complete challenges by moving the seven paintable character miniatures and discarding Story cards from their hand. Once all chapters are completed, the players win the game and true “wuv” prevails.


This is the one that looks like it will be the most difficult to follow, though I’m sure once you get the hang of it the game will play fine. This one has a weird video to go along with it so I’ll just post it here so you can see all the crazy shenanigans that ensue during the game.

This game is already available for $25 at Walmart and Target. So I guess I’ll be going out and getting a game that I know winning is impossible. Because no matter how many people you save you know the old couple dies. So I guess keeping that in mind… it’s a little depressing?

I also think they missed an opportunity to just make this a learning game based on the real Titanic but you know, branding and stuff might make it more likely to be bought.

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“Titanic” feels like it would be some kind of Kobiyashi Maru…
The post New “Titanic” and “The Princess Bride” Board Games Are Coming! appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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