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Costs and Earnings Breakup


Monthly Costs

The running costs are considerable for an online start-up gambling venture. These comprise of the following factors:

  • What the software providers charge is the lease for the games they provide as well as a percentage of the winnings, major software providers such as Microgaming, Playtech and NetEnt charge around £9000 per month; they also take about 15% of the winnings to share that the websites generate.
  • Other costs involve paying affiliates and running costs, such as licensing and web hosting.
  • The above two factors sum up to be around £25000 or £30,000 per month in expenses.

However, even if the costs are high, profits are even higher. The top gambling domains like make about £350,000 to £400,000 every month. Hence running costs are more than covered in any successful casino. In general, it is a profitable industry, and online casinos can make healthy profits. The casinos take on marketing campaigns, affiliates, and provide perks to customers to ensure that all parties make optimal money.

Ways of Earnings for Casinos


This is an essential aspect for all gaming operators to earn money at casinos. It is the total amount that players put on bets. For instance, in the case of table games such as craps, players put bets in the handle, and that usually comprises chips or cash. In the gambling business, the handle is a product of average bet, capacity usage, and time spent. The average bet remains a constant and is a minimum requirement in table games. For instance, in the case of blackjack, the minimum bet is $25. The dealer usually gets about 375 hands from a player.

House Edge

Every gambling website has a statistical advantage for every bet that players put in. Known as the house edge, it is the advantage that casinos hold on every game. Outcomes are often unknown, whereas either party usually has chances of winning in random occurrences. Hence, if a player loses, a casino wins. A house edge has two sides. Casino wins money when players have placed bets and lost. It could be negative when a player wins more than what a casino holds. In most cases, there is always a percentage that a casino earns, even besides what the player does. Return to the player or RTP indicates this.

For instance, a slot machine might get a deposit of $100 by players while it pays out about $80. Hence, the casino would make $20. Hold percentage is as per total bets gained. A slot might cost an average of $1 for every spin. On the other hand, a machine could record 1000 turns and hence accumulate $1000 in total. If total payouts to players are $800, then house earnings are $200/$1000 or 2%.

Comp Earnings

This is another way of revenue generation at online casinos. These are like loyalty points that players earn every time they wager on a game. Players can spend a high amount of money on bets or spend a large time on certain games. These could be criteria for players to earn loyalty points and gifts such as tickets to shows or vacations and so forth.

Comps could be given on the amount of money one spends on a particular game or the total number of bets placed. There is a count that helps to track games played, stakes a player puts in and the time spent in playing the games. They prove more advantageous to casinos since they lead to more revenue generation for the websites. The more stakes players put in or the losses they may include house edges and profits for a casino.


The above points showcase the costs that are involved in running an online gambling domain as well as the ways that operators can earn revenue from the different games software and loyalty schemes for players. A well-balanced casino website ensures profits for the software providers, affiliates as well as lucrative gaming experiences for the players.

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Online casinos seem lucrative, and most of them are. Here we take a look at the money they earn or the economic model of casinos.
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