Crowdfunding Comics: Snyder And Daniels Launch ‘Nocternal’ On Kickstarter

Recently, Scott Snyder revealed that after Dark Nights: Death Metal, he would be taking a step back from DC Comics to focus on more creator owned projects. And, after last week’s cull at DC Comics, he won’t be the only one. But, he’s definitely in a better position than many. And, it also spells a return back to Snyder’s roots in creator owned comics, as he explains:

“2020 has put a lot of things into perspective, for comics fans, pros, and businesses–and for me. With everything going on right now, I wanted to return to creator-owned work in an even more dedicated way. NOCTERNAL is the first release under my new Best Jackett Press label and will be released by Image Comics as a monthly series, starting early next year. But with conventions shut down for the foreseeable future, the creative team and I wanted to find a direct way to build meaningful relationships with our fans before issue one drops to give them a unique experience. We decided to create a behind-the-scenes collector’s edition of the first issue that provides a different reading process, looks at how a comic like this gets made, and highlights Tony’s phenomenal linework.”

It seems a good time to be crowdfunding comics if you’re an established name, which will explain why Snyder and partner-in-crime, artist Tony S Daniel, are already smashed their initial goal (at time of writing this post) on their Kickstarter campaign, which launched today. Also contributing to the new comic book is letterer Deron Bennett, and editor Will Dennis. It’s also a win-win for comic book fans who can’t afford the cost, or the shipping, with news that it will be published by Image Comics next year too. I’ll happily wait, I think.

Here’s what to expect from this new sci-fi series and the first 72 page issue available in two different formats :

“Imagine that tomorrow the sun simply doesn’t rise. You wait. And you wait, but night just continues… You can still feel the sun’s warmth – it must BE THERE – but for some reason, light no longer reaches the earth. And this new darkness, there’s something strange about it, something terrifying. Because anything (or anyone) that stays in it too long starts to change…

NOCTERNAL takes place ten years after the world is plunged into an everlasting night that turns all living creatures into monstrous “shades.” The only way to survive is to stay close to artificial light. There are rumors of sanctuaries –perpetually-lit  bunkers– where the shade-transformation can even be reversed, but most people assume these are just legends. Enter Valentina “Val” Riggs, a skilled  “ferryman” who transports people and goods along deadly unlit roads with her heavily illuminated eighteen-wheeler.”

As ever there are all kinds of pledges to back, ranging from $10 pledge with our reward to $250, which includes a 2-inch head sketch on the signed tip-in sheet of your hardcover drawn by Daniel.

I must say, it’s an interesting self-publishing venture that rewards early-bird fans, but doesn’t penalise others who can’t afford to fork out at the moment. Win-win all round and considerate of all fans. Now, thistles one good planning. I dare say this is a model that others could well follow.

For more check out the campaign in full here.

Recently, Scott Snyder revealed that after Dark Nights: Death Metal, he would be taking a step back from DC ComicsCOMICONRead More

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