“I’ll Keep An Eye Out For A … Gunsword” — Let’s Talk About ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 4

Looks like the fun and games are over.

Now that Wynonna Earp is well and truly back, the show can focus on building a new story, and man alive it is a doozy. We’re impressed to see the show reach back into Earp mythology to find this new foe and set up something we think is going to be pretty cool. But first, we need to talk about Peacemaker.

A couple of years ago, during the Season 3 finale, we were sure Peacemaker’s transformation into a sword was setting up a new fighting style for its title character — to say nothing of the revelation that it was part of a pair of swords wielded by the protectors of the Garden gates. But its continued absence speaks to something more than a new way of fighting. On the personal front, it leaves Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) rudderless, as seen this week with her quick embrace of Black Badge Division resources and Jeremy’s (Varun Saranga) absurd megaweapon. Who is she without that gun and without the curse driving her? The show gave us a small preview as she came to Purgatory’s defense whenever a BBD agent badmouthed the town. Sure, it lacks for an Arby’s and has a pretty consistent demon problem, but it’s Wynonna’s home, dammit. Civic pride is a start for Wynonna without the curse, but it still leaves a lot of soul searching for her to do. Note the way the reaper scared her to the core, that’s a new side for her and, well, we hope she learns to overcome it sooner rather than later.

On the more macro level, the loss of Peacemaker suggests Bulshar ultimately got what he wanted. The gates are open and Eve is presumably loose upon the world. In fact, we’re willing to bet Eve has something to do with the Earps’ new adversary … who just happen to be related to the original Earp adversary.

Bringing the Clanton family into the tale now is just a masterstroke. They were always available, of course, but the show’s own local mythology became so immediate and compelling that we were lulled into thinking Wyatt’s story before he arrived in Purgatory might never matter. Now, it does, and for all the talk of the Clanton heir if Bulshar set up another curse and if, possibly, the other sword might end up in Clanton hands.

Symmetry is something writers really, really like.

Then again, there’s only so much symmetry to be found in what we know of the Clanton’s so far. They number four — Margo (Reagan Pasternak), Holt (Ty Olsson) — the current Purgatory sheriff — town magistrate Cleo (Savannah Basley), and scavenger Billy (Dave Trimble). The Earp team is slightly larger at this point, but the Clantons are presumably all blood relations. And where the Earps have finicky ancient angelic powers on their side, the Clantons use magic and the corpses of their deceased relatives to get what they want.

Also, we’re going to assume the Clantons made some sort of home like the Earps did. But seeing as how they left the Earps alone in Purgatory, was Bulshar’s curse keeping them out?

Beyond these questions about the new antagonists, we got a nice little story with Billy and Rachel (Martina Ortiz-Luis), whose awkward flirtations made us wonder if, perhaps, Rachel would turn out to be asexual. Such a character is missing from the show, but the sweetness of their interaction — and later the gruesomeness of what Billy did to protect her — made the notion of them having any sort of romantic connection OK. Presumably, that connection (and Billy’s boon) will protect Rachel in the weeks to come.

But will anything protect Nicole (Katherine Barrell), who made a deal with the Clantons to get everyone back from the Garden? Clearly, there is some debt she owes now — which we think is the failure she keeps alluding to — and, well, it is just about time for her to be possessed and do something awful, right? One supposes that’s why she won’t deal with finishing her proposal to Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley).

Nevertheless, Season 4 better end with their wedding.

And if the Clanton’s weren’t enough of a problem, BBD is back and the weird references to “upper management” suggests the containment and observation of the Ghost River Triangle may still lead to a smoldering crater. Also, we imagine Wynonna will confront the executive level before too long.

Lastly, we’re glad — sort of glad, anyway — that Doc’s (Tim Rozon) vampiric status has been clarified. As we mentioned before, Waverly’s weird burning hands moment in the Garden and his subsequent reluctance to feed made us think Doc might be fully human again and jumping into his new arrangement to secure another form of immortality. Instead, it appears his deal is just part of Doc’s habit for breaking bad when it suits him. Which is nice for the drama, but totally inconvenient when he has to deliver hooch to the Glory Hole and Wynonna needs his help.

Wait … now that we think about it, who is stealing all the supplies if Amon (Noam Jenkins) isn’t getting them but BBD can’t deliver them to the townsfolk?

Wynonna Earp airs Sundays on Syfy.

Looks like the fun and games are over. Now that Wynonna Earp is well and truly back, the show canCOMICONRead More

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