‘Swamp Thing’ To Debut October 6th On The CW With A 90-Minute Premiere

Swamp Thing is rising from the grave to retell its tale of horror and romance.

The CW announced on Monday that the cancelled-before-its-time DC Universe original will make its network debut on October 6th with a 90-minute premiere. The network secured the broadcast rights to the show earlier this year to buoy its Fall season offerings when it became clear production on their regular shows would not resume in time for a typical October schedule.

The 10-episode program stared Crystal Reed as Abby Arcane, a CDC investigator who returns to her hometown to research a strange virus turning people into plant matter. Soon, she discovers the impossible Swamp Thing (Derek Mears), a creature of the swamps who may or may not be the remains of Dr. Alec Holland (Andy Bean). The program also featured Will Patton, Virginia Madsen, Maria Sten, and Kevin Durand in strong supporting roles. And we loved the show, which was cancelled by unknown persons high atop the AT&T corporate structure before its second episode streamed on DC Universe.

Sadly, the program proved a high quality Swamp Thing television show requires more financial support than any corporation will ever be comfortable offering.

Nonetheless, it is a quality series with the atmosphere of late 1990s Vertigo comics and more than a few echos of Alan Moore‘s celebrated 1980s run on the title. And, hopefully, some of that quality will be seen by more people when the show starts its broadcast airing. Allowing the first episode to run in a 90-minute slot instead of cutting its runtime down to 42 minutes suggests the network actually likes the show. That sort of support is extraordinary for a series with no chance of renewal.

Then again, Swamp Thing has come back from tougher straights than an indifferent corporate master.

Swamp Thing premiere October 6th on The CW.

Swamp Thing is rising from the grave to retell its tale of horror and romance. The CW announced on MondayCOMICONRead More

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