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If you grew up in the 80’s and 90’s odds are that you remember wearing, or someone else wearing a bright print shirt of a gecko with sunglasses. That brand was called Gecko Hawaii and was everywhere worn by skaters, fashionable folks and people who’s mom’s thought it was “just neat”. Well now the brand is back in full swing and we have Riff Raff x Gecko Hawaii to thank!

We’re Stoked to be Back.

If you witnessed the 80s or 90s, chances are you have heard of Gecko Hawaii. After finding its way onto the backs of skaters, surfers, and clothing enthusiasts around the world, Gecko Hawaii had established itself as a household name. In 2010 Gecko decided, for various reasons, to limit production. Thankfully, founders Derek and Vik felt the vibe and time was right to revive and ramp up production.

Personally I’m excited to see the bright colors and patterns making a comeback. I love 90’s fashion and though I may be alone in that, it’s always nice when a brand comes back. Not just a knock off trying to play themselves off as the original brand, but the people behind the movement being involved in full swing.

You can check out the new releases by clicking the link here.

Bonus points if you remember the “cool dad” on the block washing his car in the Gecko Hawaii sleeveless shirt.

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Who remembers wearing this in the 80’s & 90’s!
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