Scott Snyder Discusses ‘Nocternal’, Best Jacket And More With An Englishman In San Diego

My good friend, Leonard Sultana, has for years now been reporting on all things San Diego Comic Con related, along with other comic conventions both in the USA and UK, and created a rather impressive body of interviews online under his alter ego of An Englishman in San Diego.

Well, as we all know, San Diego, and all over comic cons have been cancelled this year, but that doesn’t mean we can’t hear from creators, thanks to the wonders of the internet, and today Len got to speak with Scott Snyder about his new Kickstarter for new comic project Nocternal, but also his new Image Comics imprint Best Jacket and more besides in a very frank, transparent and honest chat that can often only come from such intimate interviews such as this one.

Snyder discusses Nocternal at great length, but also the benefits such a successful campaign brings. The additional funds raised will go to good use too, with Snyder able to pay other artist to get involved with a additional extras he hasn’t revealed yet, but it does mean he can pay artists well, which was one of the many goals he had set out for this project, and beyond, mentioning his new imprint at Image Comics, Best Jacket, which will be a place to find new voices as well as established talent.

Discussing DC Comics, Snyder says he wants to move over and give others a chance, with Best Jacket being an ideal place to develop comics in a way he felt should have started about decade ago. More synergy and using digital publishing to test the strength of a new comic book. Something DC Comics re beginning to make inroads with only now and after being swallowed up by AT&T.

Snyder openly and honestly talked about his start in comics and how he had did not initially get on with Greg Capullo, who later gave him sage advise that taught Snyder how to cope with writing more economically and in a more collaborate manner with Capullo. He went from writing very detailed full scripts to trusting the judgement of Capullo much more by about issue #5 of Batman and become best of friends.

As he warms up to the interview, Snyder explains how in those early years at DC Comics, and on a premium title such as Batman, he suffers from imposter syndrome, which spilt over into his early con appearance where he freely admitted to partying too hard and behaving somewhat intensely. So much so that when he had confronted Dan Didio at a New York Comic Con’s DC Party and left, by the time he arrived at the Marvel party word had got round that this heated exchange was actually a physical fight! Needles to say, he understood where his reputation as a troublemaker came from, but he’s addressed these issues – and rumours – along the years and it would seem, become comfortable with his success.

Oh, and there is the odd exclusive too, but I’ll let Snyder tell you that in his own words in the video above. But for fans of Wytches and his American Vampire, there is good news. That’s all I’m saying.

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My good friend, Leonard Sultana, has for years now been reporting on all things San Diego Comic Con related, alongCOMICONRead More

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