Pick Of The Week: Another Week, More New Comics, But What To Read?

Welcome one and all to our Friday afternoon round-up of suggested titles as chosen by our reviewers. Comic books that came out this week that you may want to look in on should you be planning on visiting your local comic book store either in person or online.

Once and Future #10 (BOOM! Studios)

Writer: Kieron Gillen

Artist: Dan Mora

Colourist: Tamra Bonvillain

Letterer: Ed Dukeshire

Gillen, Mora, Bonvillian and Dukeshire deliver another satisfying issue, that balances well-paced danger and action with dark humour, as Grendel looms menacingly down upon Bridgette, who may well have met her match this time round. Meanwhile, Duncan has problems catching cab and the local constabulary aren’t much help either. But then, I doubt police academy teaches rural copper how to take on monsters from legend. – Olly MacNamee

A Man Among Ye #2 (Image Comics)

Writer: Stephanie Phillips

Artist: Craig Cermak

Colourist: John Kalisz

Letterer: Troy Peteri

Freedom strikes a particular cord in this issue. For some, pirate life is born of necessity in the face of the overwhelming wealth gap many faced under British rule. For Anne, freedom is living as herself without the shackles of society’s expectation. For Charles Vane, freedom is the very ideal he’ll fight and die for.

A Man Among Ye peels back the layers of a fun pirate narrative to reveal tenderness and heart in Issue #2. It’s easy to see why one would be drawn to a life of piracy, especially as a haven for those that refuse to or cannot conform to the social norms dominant in the era.  – Malissa White

Wolverine #4 (Marvel Comics)

Writer: Benjamin Percy

Artist: Viktor Bogdanovic

Colourist: Matthew Wilson

Letterer: Cory Petit

After a year of Krakoa giving readers a kinder, gentler Wolverine, we get a bit more of his rough edges back in this issue.

After the Flower Cartel ordeal, Logan needs some time away from Krakoa. Using a secret gate he planted, he heads off for some rotgut in a barren northern town. However, trouble always seems to find Wolverine, and this is no exception. But can he face the threat that’s waiting for him inside the bar… before the darker and more frightening threat OUTSIDE the bar strikes? – Tony Thornley

Secret Service #1 (Vault Comics)

Writer: Cavan Scott

Artist: Corin Howell

Colourist: Triona Farrell

Letterer: Andworld Designs

Ignorance definitely isn’t bliss in Vault’s premier issue of Shadow Service. While on a standard investigation tracking down a particularly nasty target, Gina Meyer finds herself in the crosshairs of a mysterious team who appear to have been on her trail for some time. Witchcraft doesn’t always save the day, and Gina is about to learn that the hard way.

Artist Corin Howell gives us horror fans some gory treats throughout the issue. My favorite panel is the (literal) murder of crows swarm that recalls horror classic, The Birds, and might have inspired Rebekah Isaacs and Kurt Michael Russell’s cool witchy-mod variant cover.

I’m looking forward to expanding on the world and finding more about femme fatale Aashi in Issue #2. Malisaa White

Adler #3 (Titan Comics)

Writer: Lavie Tidhar

Artist: Paul McCaffrey

The League of Extraordinary Women return in Adler #3, but for me this issue is very much the domain of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed, Ayesha. An Amazonian force that dominates all in her presence, physically and mentally. An alpha female out to take her rightful place on the global stage and take revenge on a British Empire at the height of its dominance in the world, raping, pillaging and stealing from other countries with our a second thought of consequences. Thus was the mindset, one imagines, of 19th century England… Another magnificent issue in this under-rated and over-looked series. Definitely for fans of the gothic, steam punk, or just great looking comics. – Olly MacNamee

Welcome one and all to our Friday afternoon round-up of suggested titles as chosen by our reviewers. Comic books thatCOMICONRead More

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