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The Sloth Conservation Foundation has been working to protect sloths in the wild. And part of their work revolves around donations. While you can donate to them it’s also a very exciting thing that they let you “adopt” a sloth.

For a “Physical” adoption a one time payment of $90(or more) can be made. You can choose the type of sloth you would like to adopt and they will send you the paperwork on them. They send you the packet in a few weeks from the UK and viola! You have the perfect gift for anyone who loves sloths. Plus they get a beautiful printed photo and a biography of their sloth. Great for hanging on the wall and gazing at. And a book called Sloths, Life in the Slow Lane.

Sloth Conservation Foundation

You can also opt for a “Digital” adoption which is much cheaper. Starting at only $10 you can adopt the sloth type of your choice and you get everything sent to you that you get in the physical package. Only difference is that they send it to you in a PDF and it takes less time to receive. So if you have a nice printer you can always make up your own packet for gift giving. Or if the person you are buying for lives far away you can forward them the email and an eCard.

For many of us a sloth may feel like a kindred spirit. They’re slow and calm and go their own way. You can check out how to adopt your very own sloth by clicking the link here!

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Everyone should adopt a sloth!
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