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Something I noticed today while looking at the box of cat litter was that Fresh Step tends to keep it simple. Instead of adding other images of cats or creating a more welcoming atmosphere for cats of all kinds they tend to stick to one orange cat and dress them up. And you know what? It reminded me of something else I have seen at the grocery store. Newman’s Own dressing.

Newman’s Own/ Fresh Step

Now I’m not saying that they got the idea from Newman’s Own, but it does raise the question about whether or not their marketing people are the same. Now it’s kind of like that skit from “Portlandia” where they just put a bird on it. Only in this instance it’s hats and accessories.


Fresh Step has gone from being the number one cat litter to having all kinds of types of it. We can’t stop them just like we can’t stop Newman’s Own from brandishing that awkward smile and changing hats. But if we could change something it would be to add other kinds of cats.

Maybe I’m going crazy, I don’t know. But I think that they could put other cats on the box and call it a day. I know that it would be nice to see maybe a Himalayan cat or a Maine Coon that you know takes big poops on my box of cat litter. I mean think about the kind of confidence you would have buying a box that can handle that kind of load? You’d definitely buy it right?

Seriously they’re giant. Image Credit

Heck, my cat is part Norwegian Forest cat and maybe I’m biased but I think he’d make a great candidate for a cover picture. Just add a little tiara and call it a day. But then yes I realize that is also another type of hat. I just think he looks pretty with it.


I know it may sound crazy(crazy cat lady kind of crazy), but thank you anyway for coming to my Ted Talk.

The Simpsons/Fox/Disney

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Our writer may be the only person bothered by this, but there are some similarities in the marketing.
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