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So here’s something I never knew I wanted until the internet showed me… There is now an ale that tastes like the fun 90’s snack Dunkaroos! It’s brewed with cookies, cream and sprinkles and is supposed to taste exactly like Dunkaroos. And my 90’s heart is screaming.

Dunkabroos 8% – Ale brewed with Cookies, Vanilla Cream, Lactose, and Sprinkles. We actually did it! This beer is nostalgia in a can. It wasn’t easy tracking down all these tasty treats for “research” but we were able to find a few. The flavors have been replicated perfectly. It’s a sweet, cookie filled brew that even has that frosting finish (like when you save all the cream for the last cookie – yall know what we’re talking about)! Dunkabroos goes on sale today. It is a taproom only release. 4packs are $20. Four 4pack limit per person. We open at noon. Hope yall have as much fun drinking this as we did brewing it. Cheers!

Unfortunately at the time of this writing they are now sold out. And they seem to only be selling it in Texas, but they do offer delivery with Tavour. There is also currently an email list that you can join to be notified when they have limited editions like this one. You can follow their Instagram by clicking the link here.

Honestly why does all the cool stuff come out when I can’t have it!? No matter though as soon as Martin House Brewing has this back in stock believe me I’m ordering as much as I can. Or find a way to have my family in Texas send me some.

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Martin House Brewing has created a new ale that tastes exactly like Dunkaroos!!
The post New “Dunkabroos” Beer Designed to Taste Exactly Like Dunkaroos appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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