“Ebeneezer Or McDuck?” — Let’s Talk About ‘Wynonna Earp’ Season 4, Episode 5

Well, that was a jam-packed hour wasn’t it?

Although written well before Wynonna Earp‘s production team had the slightest inkling their fourth season would be delayed again by forces so beyond their control it’s mind-boggling, this first part of the mid-season finale serves as a spectacular lead up to another stunning cliffhanger. Or, at least, we assume there will be something more stunning in the finale than the final images of this week show. But first, let’s talk about Doc’s (Tim Rozon) deal with Amon (Noam Jenkins).

From their discussion with Wynonna (Melanie Scrofano) at the Glory Hole, it would seem Doc made good on delivering the hooch he seemingly left behind last week. In fact, Amon’s attitude suggests some of the supplies coming into the Ghost River Triangle are making their way to his establishment on the regular — although we’ll note Shorty’s also appears to be selling intoxicating beverages again. Also, Amon seems pleased to have Doc as an employee. It’s still unclear if his interest is merely sexual, but his mention of both he and Doc doing what it is needed to survive leaves us thinking their will be some ironic twisting of words down the road. And, honestly, if Amon turns out to be Bulshar’s second cousin twice removed, we’d welcome him as the new badness in town. An undeniably sexy boss demon would be a nice change of pace.

Or are we already talking about Rosita?

But one last thought about Amon: his hatred of the Clantons is interesting to say the least. There’s a story there we hope to get a couple of chapters of next week. It’s going to be painful if we have to wait until winter or 2021 to learn more. In the meantime, let’s speculate — it could be a simple as the family meddling with the supply trucks or something as grandiose as the source of their power. Or let’s go one step further: could Amon be the Devil swindled out of his domain because of something a Clanton did hundreds of years go? Considering we have a wicked Eve formerly held prisoner in the Garden on this show, a deposed Lucifer (whose name is unavailable because of that other prince of darkness who tends bar) would hardly be shocking.

Certainly not as shocking as, say, Rosita being alive.

Meanwhile, the search for Peacemaker led Wynonna and Doc to the GRT Museum, where some archival footage of Wyatt from his latter days offered up a handful of new questions. Did Doc shoot first at the OK Corral? Who was the man Doc prevented from killing Wyatt? Why is Doc unsure if Wynonna would be proud of Wyatt? Do the Clantons have some legitimate beef with the Earps? That would certainly be a twist on the order of the show reminding us about Rosita before bringing her back, wouldn’t it?

So let’s think about the terrible thing Nicole (Katherine Barrell) agreed to do to get Waverly (Dominique Provost-Chalkley), Wynonna, and Doc back from the Garden. Trying to burn down the Homestead and murdering Wynonna certainly isn’t enough of a gas to ruin the family. Also, it has to be something so shameful, Nicole can only believe Waverly will hate her for it. So … she agreed to be mother to the next Clanton heir, right? It’s nothing as stunning as Rosita being alive, but it feels like the thing Nicole would believe she could never come back from. And that’s considering we known Waverly will forgive her for just about anything. Or is Nicole betting on that Gibson blood to kick in? Maybe that’s why she let Jeremy (Varun Saranga) drown her.

Finally, after being rejected by Peacemaker, Wynonna and Doc made their way to Steve Gultch and to find a “scorned women” that a society of nuns would like to purify before sending her on to divine punishment. And while we expected Mama Gibson to be standing there, it was, in fact, Rosita (Tamara Duarte)! Now, for those who can remember back to Season 2, we never saw the sympathetic, but still deceitful Revenant die, but she did leave Purgatory for unknown parts of the GRT. Presumably, she was cast back into Hell when Bulshar erased the Earp Curse. But now, here she is ready for a Hell of her own making? We hope there’s more to it, and more complication to her being the woman scorned than just Doc deciding to give his heart to Wynonna. Oh, wait, maybe it’s Eve. She took on just about everyone else’s form, so why not her?

But back to Wynonna and Doc for a moment, his unabashed adoration of her is nice note whenever an episode has time for it this year. It offsets his vampire problem in a very pleasing way.

Also, we’re pleased how much the show has worked to make Wynonna and Nicole friends. Even the dream sequence at the beginning paid it off with the “sis” moment. Like we said last week, this season better end with the real Waverly/Nicole wedding because not only have the fans earned it, but so have the characters. We just need a nice, long celebration to cap off the show’s return even if there will still be trouble around the bend in Season 5.

Or, who knows, maybe we’ll feel differently after next week’s mid-season finale?

Wynonna Earp airs Sundays on Syfy.

Well, that was a jam-packed hour wasn’t it? Although written well before Wynonna Earp‘s production team had the slightest inklingCOMICONRead More

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