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We are living in a world of mass production and consumption. An overabundance of goods and services has never been as obtrusively present as now.

In such circumstances, to stand out, each individual, organisation and company has to have one skill – creativity.

So, what do we all, individually and collectively, need to flourish in the wild 2020 society?

Number 1 Job Skill

Whether you’re a sweeper, clerk or CEO, you need innovative thinking. Remember that meme with the weatherman in a skeleton suit just in time for Halloween? Humour is always a way to go.

The workforce values novelty of all forms. No one wants to rummage through the monotonous humdrum of tedious content anymore.

Our world is changing rapidly and so are we. To match its speed of light, we need to grow accordingly.

Naturally, some positions require this competence more than others. Nevertheless, it’s useful wherever you find it. As humans, we get tired of repetitiveness quickly.

According to LinkedIn, creativity is the most wanted quality in prospective employees.

After years of engineer and programmer floods, the market is yet again refocusing on soft skills. Other than persuasion and negotiation skills, it’s pivotal to have a creative mind to succeed.

It’s Everywhere

LinkedIn also offers courses on how to learn to be creative. But if you ask us, it’s not something you can cram from a textbook and apply in practice. On the contrary, it’s a practice that brings about the best, most innovative results.

Motivation and creativity can be found almost anywhere. You just need to flip that switch on and focus on specific things around you. Just think of that weatherperson.

If you’re a movie buff, you can actively engage in watching a film by analysing its aspects. How did the director make that particular scene happen? What is it about editing that really worked the magic of that movie? Go a step further and compare and contrast movies from the same franchise by different directors. Why not?

Or, if you’re a gamer, you can apply a similar strategy to your hobby, too. Explore the rich universe of online games of all sorts, including video slots, roulette and more. Click here to find the broadest selection of casino games to pick from. Read reviews and latest news and see how they get creative in their niche.

Gaming is arguably one of the most competitive industries right now. And every developer wants to be the best. News flash, not everyone can be. But, to grow an audience, you need to have something to draw people in with. And that something is creativity. Again, it shows itself to be the number one skill in 2020.

Make It Your Own

But innovation is not something you just learn by rote and stick with for the rest for your career. This ability needs to be nourished and watered. To be truly creative, you need to be working on it every day.

Whatever you do, do it differently. Go to the gym and tweak every workout session. Where’s the fun in deadlifting to no end? Instead, lift e leg, change the corner and feel that stretch.

Don’t settle for unoriginality.

Try an original new style and vamp your wardrobe. Cook your favourite meal with spices you’ve never tried before. Don’t let your days crawl into each other like a mass of boredom and routine.

And most importantly, let your freshly acquired creativity mix with your other traits. What’s more creative than that?

If you have difficulty recognising your characteristics, talk to a lifelong friend and ask them about it. Write down what you consider your key features and see how you can improve them. Work with what you already have and boost it by thinking outside the box.

If you’re stuck with a 9-to-5 job with little free time and lots of tiredness to drag about, this is your chance to change your life. Grab it; start today – this is the sign you’ve been waiting for.

And finally, make creativity part of your everyday. Even if you need it for work, don’t stop there. Let it change you for the better. Life is about novelty, excitement and getting to know yourself. Make that self a worth acquaintance.

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We are living in a world of mass production and consumption. An overabundance of goods and services has never been as obtrusively present as now.
The post How Important Is Creativity in 2020? appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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