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Cosplay styles can vary from technical accuracy to casual and seeing the different renditions is a wonderful reminder that it can be a fun hobby! From Los Angeles, California the queen of contagious smiles, KitsuneKuma!Β 

Hi KitsuneKuma! Please Introduce Yourself to our readers.

Hi everyone! My name is Kitsune and I started cosplaying along with my husband Kuma back in 2014. Our friend took us to our very first Anime Expo that year and we’ve been hooked ever since.

How would you define β€œCosplay”? What are your personal principles?

Nobody will be exactly like your favorite character, so cosplay is about having a good time and spreading joy! Whether you are a villain or the good guy, just make sure you are having a blast. It’s fun to see how other people express themselves and share their hard work and creativity, with everyone coming together to celebrate our favorite shows.

What are your Most / least comfortable cosplays?

90% of my cosplays are in painful high heels! As much as I love how they make me look taller, I definitely prefer Misty from Pokemon or Arale from Dr. Slump, because they let me wear tennis shoes as part of the cosplay!

Do you have any accomplishments or cosplay projects you’re particularly proud of?

One of my friends got me into sewing way before I knew what cosplay was, so when I learned about this new world I was super excited to start sewing my own costumes! I am most proud of my Officer Caitlyn (League of Legends) and Chi (Chobits). Both are homemade with a lot of heart, sweat and tears, with some help from YouTube tutorials.

I am also proud of Kuma for being super supportive building all our props and cosplaying matching characters together! Some of our couple cosplays are Pokemon, Pixar’s Up, Kill La Kill, Star Wars, and My Hero Academia.

Have you learned more about yourself since you started cosplaying? If you have, what did you learn?

I am a boring accountant during the weekdays and cosplay gives me a goal and different challenges. I work on discipline when learning new sewing techniques, finding new materials, and even trying to eat healthier! I improve my time management because there’s usually a con every other month. It gives me a purpose to work on my next new cosplay before each event, or for some of my favorites, I try to add a few touches and make them even better for the next one!

Check out KitsuneKuma’s Facebook and Instagram and send her some love!

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From Los Angeles, California the queen of contagious smiles, KitsuneKuma!
The post Nerdbot Cosplay Spotlight: KitsuneKuma appeared first on NERDBOT.Read MoreNERDBOT

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