‘Star Trek: Discovery’ And ‘One Day At A Time’ Set For CBS Network Premieres

In an interesting twist of fate, streaming originals Star Trek: Discovery and One Day at a Time are joining the CBS television network’s broadcast lineup.

Both shows originate from streaming services. Discovery is, of course, a CBS All Access original with a third season due to debut this October. One Day at a Time began its life at Netflix before migrating to the CBS owned cable channel Pop for a fourth season. The reason for including these shows on the network lineup: continuing fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. According to Deadline, many of CBS’s programs have not begun production and will not have episodes ready to air before November at the earliest. So the network is supplementing some ready-to-go reality shows and other acquisitions with material from its streaming and cable outlets.

As part of the scheme, Discovery‘s first season will air on the network beginning September 24th while ODAAT‘s fourth season will air back-to-back episodes starting October 12th.

We’re fans of both shows, so we’re thrilled to see them get exposure on CBS’s flagship network even as the company makes plans to shift its focus to producing streaming content. Perhaps offering shows like Discovery to CBS’s older demographic may help when they eventually ask those people to subscribe to All Access (or whatever name it has in the future). In the meantime, more eyeballs seeing One Day at a Time is positively thrilling as it is both a throwback to older three-camera sitcoms and a very modern family story. It’s also very funny with an award-worthy performance from Rita Moreno.

Discovery is, of course, the harder sell — particularly in its first season — with a serialized storyline, Kelvin-timeline production values, and attempts at edgier characters. Nonetheless, we think its possible network viewers will come to like some of the characters as Discovery ultimately finds itself during that turbulent first year.

But for those who haven’t watched either show, we strongly recommend watching them when they are freely available on CBS this fall.

In an interesting twist of fate, streaming originals Star Trek: Discovery and One Day at a Time are joining theCOMICONRead More

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