Review: ‘The Flash’ #762 Brings An Era To Its End

For the last four plus years, The Flash has built up to an epic conclusion. Now the longest run in the character’s history ends here with a final confrontation between Barry Allen and his greatest foe…

Barry and Eobard Thawne have circled each other for years. Now as they race to the finish line, Barry has to face an impossible choice. It’s a story years in the making by Joshua Williamson, Howard Porter, Hi-Fi Color, and Steve Wands.

Barry and Thawne are locked in one final race. Thawne has tried to take everything from Barry. The only choice to stop him is to kill Thawne once and for all. Will Barry Allen cross a line he can’t come back from, or will he somehow find another way?

Williamson has done so much to establish the modern Barry Allen, giving the character a personality and depth that honors the legacy of Barry, Jay Garrick, Wally West, Bart Allen and many more. This issue and the resolution to this final race between Barry and Thawne honors that by using that depth of character to save the day. It also creates a much-needed new beginning for the Flash’s greatest rival, after years of relying too heavily on him.

Beyond that though, Williamson opens the door for a new beginning for the Flash as a concept by looking backwards. The greatest thing about the Flash is his legacy, ever since Wally West put on the costume and lived up to what Barry was. In bringing that entire history and legacy back to the main DCU, he makes the Flash truly feel like the Flash again. It’s a great place to leave the series, and I truly hope future writers keep it that way.

Porter was without a doubt the right person to draw this finale. He is probably the single most iconic artist for the character from the past twenty years and he channels that into a high energy issue. His characters feel authentic, which was probably the most crucial part of this story, and he’s able to translate the high speed characters into still images. It’s not perfect (for some reason all the characters are strangely short) but overall, this is what we needed in this concluding chapter.

I’ll be sorry to see Williamson go. Though the second half of his run was a bit rougher, overall this run is up there with some of the character’s greatest. I just hope what we see next can match this run.

The Flash #762 is available now from DC Comics.

For the last four plus years, The Flash has built up to an epic conclusion. Now the longest run inCOMICONRead More

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