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You know what the best part about my day is? The sugary themed cereal that I get to eat because I have kids. Yes I know I’m not “supposed” to eat it but how can I not. I mean I have to check the taste right? Make sure it’s not poisoned and fit for consumption? Well my next target is going to be this Pokémon Berry Bolt cereal that @Candyhunting just posted on their instagram.

The cereal should be hitting shelves at Walmart now. You’ll want to channel your inner Alakazam and grab some spoons, because this one is going to go fast.

From the box we can surmise that it will taste a bit like Trix cereal. Even more so because it’s put out by General Mills who owns Trix. If you’re an older kid like me then you’ll remember the original Pokémon cereal made by Kellogs in 2000. That one was similar to a Lucky Charms.. and I’m getting off the point. Point is, get yourself to your local Walmart and get yourself some yummy Pokémon Berry Bolt!

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Pokémon Berry Bolt is going to be our new designated cereal for watching Saturday morning cartoons!
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