Review: ‘Future State: Nightwing’ #1 Shows A New Trail For The Former Boy Wonder

With Batman out of the picture, Nightwing has taken up the fight against crime. Dick Grayson has not put on the cape and cowl though. He’s doing this his way. He’s set up shop in the abandoned Arkham Asylum, coordinating the resistance against the Magistrate to keep the citizens of Gotham City safe. Has the tyrannical organization finally caught up with him?

I’ve always had a soft spot for Nightwing. He’s had to prove himself over and over again, coming out of Batman’s shadow to be his own hero. This book shows how he is more than capable of doing that and standing on his own. The first chunk of Future State: Nightwing #1 has Grayson taking out some of the Magistrate’s troops. It turns out they set up a sting operation for him, but they were clearly not prepared.

Writer Andrew Constant shows us a harder Dick Grayson in this issue. He’s not cracking jokes and smiling in combat. He’s more serious. Whatever led to this frightening future in Gotham has changed him. Here we catch up with him when he’s at his breaking point. He’s tired of running and hiding.

The Next Batman shows up as well, adding an interesting dynamic. I’m curious as to why Nightwing didn’t pick up the mantle of the Bat and how he feels about someone else doing so instead. I kind of wanted to see how he handles himself without a pointy-eared hero nearby, but this still works out in a pretty interesting manner.

I like how letterer Wes Abbott differentiates the speech from each character in caption boxes. Both are a little rough on the interior, as if they’re showing their battle scars even in their dialogue.

Artist Nicola Scott’s depiction of Nightwing is fitting for the setting and tone of the book. His suit has more armor to it, particularly in the arms. The one thing I don’t understand is the chin strap. It’s not holding a helmet on his head or anything so I don’t know what its purpose is.

Although Nightwing is fiercer than normal, he still has that Dick Grayson charm. There’s a scene where he takes his mask off and you can practically hear the swoons from fans around the world. Colorist Ivan Plascencia shows off those baby blue eyes well. It’s this brief moment of normalcy in this otherwise dreary city.

Future State: Nightwing shows a new path for the former Boy Wonder. He’s blazing his own trail, but he can’t quite escape the shadow of Batman, even if there’s a different person under the cape and cowl. What place does a bright-eyed hero like Nightwing have in a depressing future like this?

Future State: Nightwing #1 from DC Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

With Batman out of the picture, Nightwing has taken up the fight against crime. Dick Grayson has not put onCOMICONRead More

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