Review: Mortal Danger And Traitorous Enemies In ‘Star Wars Adventures- Smuggler’s Run’ #2

‘After the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo and Chewbacca intend to use their reward to settle their debts. But Princess Leia asks them to accept a secret mission for the Resistance. Mortal dangers, traitorous enemies, and thorny situations mark the path of these two heroes of the Star Wars saga.’

Star Wars Adventures: Smuggler’s Run is set between Star Wars: A New Hope and Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. In the first chapter of this comic book adaptation, we saw Leia charge Han and Chewie with rescuing Lieutenant Ematt, who is on the lam with vital Resistance intel. Solo and the Wookiee aren’t alone in their pursuit of this particular rebel. Commander Beck and her goon squad are only a few steps behind.

The blowoff in this second and final chapter is comfortably predictable. There’s plenty of the stuff Star Wars fans are looking for. A daring escape, space firefight, a few skin-of-your-teeth moments where the whole thing almost goes South. You don’t need to have read Greg Rucka’s novel to know how this one pans out. Obviously, the main characters can’t eat it here, because they appear in the next film, upright and breathing.

Alec Worley’s adaptation is true to the source material. Obviously, when you cut down 200 pages of prose into forty some odd pages of comics, you’re going to lose some bits in the condensation, but the key plot points are well represented, and the character interactions and dialogue ring true to canon.

I stated before that Ingo Romling’s art on Smuggler’s Run is a little caricatured for my taste, and I stand by that, but it does work for the story. There’s quite a bit more action in this bottom half. Star destroyers and TIE fighters, lasers and explosions. Very visually satisfying. 

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run #2 caps off a decent little story. Nothing terribly new or original, but definitely entertaining, and chock full of that Star Wars goodness that fans clamor for.

Star Wars: Smuggler’s Run #2, IDW Publishing, 27 January 2021. Based on the novel by Greg Rucka, adapted by Alec Worley, art by Ingo Romling, translated by Edward Gauvin.

‘After the Battle of Yavin, Han Solo and Chewbacca intend to use their reward to settle their debts. But PrincessCOMICONRead More

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