Review: Nothing Will Be Like Before In ‘We Live’ #5

‘Extinction day hits humanity like a thunder of death. The countdown to extraction hits zero. The beacons activate and destiny speaks. Nothing will be like before. Not for Hototo. Not for Tala. Not for anyone.’

At the end of the last chapter, the shocking realization hit Tala that Hototo was on the wrong bus. Instead of being transported to the beacon where he’d be beamed off this doomed rock, he was headed to a chop shop to have his bracelet brutally removed and sold to the highest bidder. 

In We Live #5, nothing goes to plan. At all.

The Miranda Brothers worked really hard throughout this five piece mini (which, turns out, isn’t actually a mini) to rip our hearts out repeatedly. Earth is in serious trouble. Humanity is doomed. Except… some random kids are going to make it off-planet to keep the species alive. And then the kids are ambushed by zombies and mutant animals and bad men. Just when you think things might come through for Hototo at least, nope. More bad men. The odds of our favorite little superhero wannabe making it to the beacon are exceedingly slim.

Then there’s a twist, and another twist, and by the time this thing blows off, it’s a completely different story, in a different genre.

Inaki Miranda and Eva De La Cruz bring it home with the art. There’s a whole lot more of that body horror we got to see in chapter three, plus a few more natural disasters. The bewilderment and terror on the kids’ faces in these final moments is really what sells the whole story for me. Hototo and his cohort are pure and blameless in this. Seeing the pain on their little cherubic faces as the world comes crashing down around them hit me hard.

The fact that these five chapters are really a prologue for something else is actually pretty brilliant, while also being a huge risk. It paid off, though. I picked this one up for the first thing, and it was so good, I’m probably in for the next thing. Well played.

We Live #5, AfterShock Comics, 17 February 2021. Written by Inaki and Roy Miranda, art by Inaki Miranda, color by Eva De La Cruz, letters by Dave Sharpe.

‘Extinction day hits humanity like a thunder of death. The countdown to extraction hits zero. The beacons activate and destinyCOMICONRead More

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