Webcomic Weekly: Diving Into Somewhere Funny, Weird, And Scary In ‘Deep Dark Fears’

Webcomic Weekly – it’s a simple thing… one comic from the Web every week. Sometimes an old multi-page epic, sometimes a couple of pages of stunning new stuff – just always brilliant!

This week, Fran Krause and Deep Dark Fears, delivering a new set of fears every week… as submitted by the readers of Deep Dark Fears. Some quirky, some hilarious, some weird, some silly, some outright dark…

Deep Dark Fears has been running since 2012, some of them come straight from the deep dark fearful mind of Krause, most now come from readers submissions, who seem to love having their own personal nightmare scenarios made visual flesh…

Here’s the very, very first from back in 2012…

It’s a webcomic that’s going to run and run just as long as Krause wants to keep doing it, there’s certainly no end of readers wanting their own deep dark fear immortalised.

Whether it’s Krause or the readers coming up with the fears, the effect is the same… some of them might well be something that’s occasionally flashed across your own mind, usually about three in the morning where sleep seems an impossible dream, others you’ll not have ever thought up. Problem is, once you’ve read them here… you’re not going to forget them.

Case in point… I can’t think eyelashes without thinking this anymore…

Yes, completely illogical, totally not going to happen… but that doesn’t mean you won’t be thinking about it next time you can’t sleep.

Or then there are the ones where Krause just leans heavily into the gore and horror – but always letting your imagination really do all the heavy lifting…

And, as you can see, Krause’s art is wonderfully, cleverly simple, a loose line, those four-panels, but there’s such control in what he does that it works completely. And the way he paces the 4-panel reveal is just wonderful, again controlling the way your eye flows and takes in the darkness of the payoff.

So fire it up, get shocked, scared, slightly repulsed, strangely intrigued, bizarrely fascinated… welcome to Deep Dark Fears!

You can find Deep Dark Fears here on Tumblr, plus it’s all over the socials (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram), and you can buy the book collections here.

And then you can submit your own fear (you know you have at least one) at deepdarkfears.com/submit.

Webcomic Weekly – it’s a simple thing… one comic from the Web every week. Sometimes an old multi-page epic, sometimesCOMICONRead More

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