Review: Harry Slashes Through The Subway In ‘Maniac Of New York’ #2

‘Maniac Harry, the unstoppable masked killer causing a significant drop in NYC property values, savagely slashes his way down the length of a packed subway car.

Can exhausted commuter Gabriella Acosta keep ahead of the Maniac long enough to save two children from his blade? Meanwhile, Gina Greene of the Maniac Task Force and NYPD detective Zelda Pettibone are willing to do anything to save those passengers — but time is running out, and the Mayor is ready to sacrifice everyone on board if it means trapping Harry for good.’

It took me a minute to get into Maniac of New York. I wasn’t really a fan by the end of the first issue, but I did decide to stick it out for at least a couple more installments. In chapter one, Harry was getting down on NYE, in the middle of Time Square, right in the middle of the most documented and policed event of the year. Couldn’t wrap my head around it. 

This second chapter gets it right. This is what I was looking for. Masked slasher in New York? Take it to the rat infested, rusting subterranean hellscape. Brand new, state of the art train, but running in the same claustrophobic, crumbling, 120 year old tunnels.

Elliott Kalan splits this issue between the deadly scene underground, and the political mess that’s simultaneously taking place topside. The massacre on the train goes just about how you’d expect. Above ground, all the elements of a great detective story are coming together. 

There’s a really interesting dynamic taking shape here, where people will go to almost comical lengths to ignore a very real, life-threatening issue. Constantly assuring themselves that the odds are in their favor. Waving off facts and statistics. Powerful people throwing normies under the bus, or across the tracks, as it were.

The art tightens up in this one, too. There was nothing wrong with Andrea Mutti’s work last month, but in this one, he cuts loose with the action and gore. Last month we only really saw the aftermath of the violence. In this one, we’re thrown into the middle of awesome cinematic slasher sequences. I do still wish he’d gone with something other than a white hockey mask with red striping, but at this point we’re committed, so roll with it, I guess. 

I am still of two minds when it comes to Maniac of New York as a whole. As much as I disliked the first chapter, this one is much, much better. Night and day. If the story continues this way, I’m in for the long haul.

Maniac Of New York #2, AfterShock Comics, 10 March 2021. Written by Elliott Kalan, art and color by Andrea Mutti, letters by Taylor Esposito.

‘Maniac Harry, the unstoppable masked killer causing a significant drop in NYC property values, savagely slashes his way down theCOMICONRead More

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