Review: New Suit, New Job, & New Directions In ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #61

With the threat of Kindred momentarily avoided and Kingpin’s master plan still in the works, Peter Parker turns his attention to making ends meet with a new gig. Or rather, Spider-Man has a new job, working as a content maker for Threats and Menaces with Norah Winters and J. Jonah Jameson. Now the public can see what it’s like to be the wall-crawling hero, all for a price. At least it comes with a free new suit.

Marvel had teased this new costume a few months back and it’s actually pretty cool. Despite his smarts, Peter’s ingenuity seemed to stop with web-shooters, so it’s great to see him with some new digs to help in his hero work. Patrick Gleason’s design for this outfit are pretty cool, although they do look a bit like that D-list hero, Gravity, particularly with the color scheme.

We see this creation in action in some dynamic fight scenes. The wall-crawler faces off against Shocker, Hydro Man, and Speed Demon in a tense battle, interspersed between Norah’s explanation of all the suit’s bells and whistles. This is a great way to break things up instead of dumping a bunch of exposition on us. Writer Nick Spencer paces this well.

The new suit even has the signature lenses to allow Spidey to emote while under the mask. These become especially helpful for some key moments in Amazing Spider-Man #61. Colorist Edgar Delgado makes the costume glow in the eyes and spider symbol which really pops in the night time scenes. All in all, this is a sleek new uniform that I hope gets the Marvel Legends treatment soon.

This doesn’t come without drawbacks though. Spider-Man is basically a walking billboard. I really like how an ad shows up at the end of the fight. Letterer Joe Caramagna uses this mildly celebratory font for the sound effects, almost like a slide whistle going off. It’s the perfect punchline to the whole thing.

This issue gives some rational and fun ideas to handle Peter’s financial situation. While he’s been dealing with Kindred and a host of other problems as Spider-Man, at the end of the day, he needs a place to call home and he can’t have that if he doesn’t pay his bills. He can’t just take pictures of himself and sell them to the newspaper, although, I guess the web-head could start an OnlyFans account and get some money that way.

Kingpin presents a new threat with a MacGuffin that could be pretty dangerous in his hands. I don’t know where that’s going just yet and I’m still anxious to wrap up the Kindred angle, however, I really dug this issue. It gave us some new and fun additions to Spider-Man’s life that could play a major part in his immediate future. Of course, sooner or later he’ll go back to the traditional red and blue outfit, but for now, let him try out this new toy.

Amazing Spider-Man #61 from Marvel Comics is currently available at your local comic shop and digitally through ComiXology and Amazon Kindle.

With the threat of Kindred momentarily avoided and Kingpin’s master plan still in the works, Peter Parker turns his attentionCOMICONRead More

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