Review: ‘Fantastic Four’ #30 Is Another Unnecessary And Clichéd Tie-In

(+++ WARNING: This review contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #30 +++)

When Sue Storm paraphrases Alicia in Fantastic Four #30 by observing, “This isn’t what the FF is about. We should be out there seeing new things and exploring strange new worlds,” instead of getting tangled up in yet another Marvel event, she seems to be speaks for all of us. The readers as well as Dan Slott, I imagine, who must be getting tired of having to veer off course to accommodate yet another tie-one so soon after the last one. 

And so we get a sub-standard comic that goes through the motions of having the transformed Ben Grimm and Johnny Storm – now part of Knull’s army of symbiotes terrorising New York thanks to the over-hyped and under-performing King in Black mini-series – take on Reed and Sue Richard. And without even the decency of a grand conclusion. Having said all the harsh, dark thoughts The Thing and the Human Torch have hidden all this time (really?) because, y’know, they’re evil now, they simply head off down a subway tunnel after the Richards’ slam a door in their faces. Yep, you read that correctly. It would seem that a slammed door was all it took to defeat these two powerhouses. Maybe Eddie Brock should have tried this battle strategy out on Knull and save us all from yet another unnecessary cross-over. 

Sadly, even the artwork by Zé Carlos is not up the usual high standards for a comic book like this. That’s not to knock Carlos, but when you’ve been spoilt by the likes of Aaron Kuder, Sara Pichelli and R. B Silva, you’re always going to come off looking less than stellar. 

All-in-all, this feels like a rushed issue from beginning to end. One forced upon Slott to write, which he does with very little zeal, judging by the dialogue. And meta-commentary from Sue Storm. Even the conclusion, set after the events of King in Black #5, is trite and cliched. Reed forgiving Ben his faux pax while the Thing was under the influences is nothing new and this jaded reader has read it all before. Some one change the record, already!

Thankfully, the cover reveal for the next issue – and ahead of the wedding of Doctor Doom – seems to be returning us to our regularly schooled programming and a return to exploring brave new worlds and the return of Doom! Finally!

Fantastic Four #30 is out now from Marvel 

(+++ WARNING: This review contains spoilers for Fantastic Four #30 +++) When Sue Storm paraphrases Alicia in Fantastic Four #30COMICONRead More

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