DC ROUND-UP: GREEN LANTERN #2 in a post-Black Lives Matter world

THIS WEEK: We look at how Green Lantern #2 fits into the societal shift that is happening across the country in response to police violence.

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Green Lantern #2 coverGreen Lantern #2

Writer: Geoffrey Thorne
Artist: Dexter Soy and Marco Santucci
Colorist: Alex Sinclair
Letterer: Rob Leigh
Cover: Bernard Chang and Alex Sinclair

A key problem within the DC Universe is just how many of the core characters are active law enforcement agents, a concept that is rooted in the Comics Code Authority heyday of the 1960s. It was a different time and to make comics that fell into the Code, compromises were made, so vigilantes mostly went away and heroes became deputised. Most notably we saw it with the space police of the Green Lantern Corps and with crime scene scientist Barry Allen.

In the 1990s, the Flash and Green Lantern were able to get away from those concepts, by introducing legacy heroes as replacements for Barry Allen and Hal Jordan. Wally West took over for Barry after the latter’s death in Crisis on Infinite Earths and Kyle Rayner took over as Green Lantern after Hal Jordan became Parallax. With Kyle taking over the Green Lantern mantle the Corps was gone, and with it the idea of Green Lanterns as cops.

Green Lantern #2 page 1

Alas, this could not stay the status quo, because Geoff Johns with all his 1980s nostalgia, decided that he had to bring back both Hal and Barry, and the cop concepts of the characters that had been left behind. The Corps was back, and even more of a police force than it had been before, going so far as making references to the “Thin Green Line” and jail cells on Oa.

Now several nearly two decades later and the world is in a different place. Case after case of police brutality and murders of Black people across the country have shifted public perception of the things that we rely on the police for, and have gotten the public to start examining how we interact with “copaganda” in media. The perfect place to do this in comics would be in Green Lantern, and I had hoped that was where this series was headed, with the Lanterns looking like they might have to cede some of their authority.

Green Lantern #2 page 2

But the beginning of Green Lantern #2 goes right back into “copaganda” territy with interrogation of prisoners and even a full out cop funeral complete with black dress uniforms. It’s utterly disappointing, and undercuts the end of the first issue, and what happens later in this issue with the actual “down-sizing” of the Corps. I put that in quotes because not a single member of the Corps is getting their ring taken away, despite their territories getting cut by a third. No those displaced Lanterns just get reassigned, the Corps loses territory but not power.

But even that is undercut further by the plot-twist at the end of this issue. Out of nowhere the Central Battery of Oa is blown up, and it seems like that leaves many of the Lanterns in dire trouble, including Kyle Rayner and John Stewart. It felt like this was shoehorned in, and really two issues into this new series and I’m just not really feeling the direction in which it is headed, if it even knows what that is.

Green Lantern #2 page 3

All in all, I think the Green Lantern Corps is a concept in desparate need of a reworking in a post-Black Lives Matter world, and I don’t think the current series is going to deliver on that in any meaningful way.

Verdict: Browse


  • Batman #108 is another fantastic issue in Tynion’s great post-Joker War status quo. It continues to build towards the future that we saw in the Gotham Future State books, and doing so in a very natural way.
  • I’m really liking the short revised origin stories at the end of eacy issue of Crime Syndicate, but I feel like they should have saved the Ultra Man one for last, because I don’t think you can top that.
  • All the cool kids will probably still be into Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #2, as the first issue sold like hotcakes.
  • Suicide Squad is intriguing though I can’t say I’m looking forward to a full on crossover with my least favorite book in the Infinite Frontier era.

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