More Music And Comics From Z2 Comics: Alter Bridge’s ‘Tour Of Horrors’ Comes To Comics

A comic book rock tour straight from your living room in Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors!

Alter Bridge: Tour of Horror! follows in the grand tradition of comic horror anthologies like EC Comics’ Tales From the Crypt and Vault of Horror, with Marvel Comics writer Emily Ryan Lerner and a cast of top artists taking fans on a fun-filled ride of thrills and chills from the world of the rock band Alter Bridge.

Alter Bridge are a US rock band that first appeared in 2004 with their gold-selling debut, ‘One Day Remains’. They followed that in 2007 with Blackbird, which includes the solo in the title track that was voted “Greatest Guitar Solo Of All Time” by Guitarist Magazine. Subsequent albums, ‘ABIII’, ‘Fortress’, ‘The Last Hero’, and ‘Walk The Sky’ saw the band increase their fanbase across America and worldwide, with sold-out tours (you know, back in the days when that was a thing!) and records topping the charts.

And now, in collaboration with Z2, they’re ready to bring their metal sound to comics, with a creepy anthology worthy of the great EC Comics of old, as one of Alter Bridge’s roadies getting a ghoulish replacement and telling four terrifying tales that are sure to keep you up all night!

“After 17 years making music and touring the world, there aren’t many opportunities for a rock band to do something they’ve never done before. After partnering with Josh and the whole Z2 staff to create Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors, we can now check create a horror comic off our bucket list. We can’t wait for people to read this original story we came up with. It is equally exciting we are finally getting to release One Day Remains on vinyl thanks to this incredible partnership” – Alter Bridge.

The Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors graphic novel comes will be released in November 2021 in a range of formats, including the standard hardcover edition for comic shops and bookstores, plus the deluxe, super deluxe, and super-duper deluxe editions available for preorder now only through the Z2 website. And those deluxe editions include a special exclusive first-time vinyl edition of the band’s 2004 debut, One Day Remains, in a strictly limited edition of 3,000 copies across three premium editions!

“Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors is another testament to our commitment to the vision of the artist. While some of our releases are directly tied to the storylines of the albums themselves, our mission is simply to provide a home for these musicians to expose their fans to a whole new side of their artistic palette, uninhibited by their previous musical work or otherwise. This book is guaranteed to please both fans of the classic horror anthology and Alter Bridge fans seeking something new.” – Publisher, Josh Frankel


A comic book rock tour straight from your living room in Alter Bridge: Tour of Horrors! Alter Bridge: Tour ofCOMICONRead More

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