Review: ‘Loki’ Ep.6 Reveals The Man Behind The TVA – A Veritable Cosmic Willy Wonka With An Offer Loki Cannot Refuse

(+++ WARNING: This review for Loki ‘For All Time. Always’ contains spoilers. Big spoilers! +++)

And so to the grand finale of Loki, and the revelation of who is behind the TVA and all the pruning of the timeline. And for us fans who have speculated that it must be one guy and one guy only, we got what we expected. Or did we? 

At the end of time we meet Kang (Jonathan Majors), albeit he is never named as such. A somewhat eccentric figure who has seen it all and who, to the surprise of all, was simply keeping a greater evil from emerging from a multiverse. A multiverse, up till now, he has prevented from occurring. 

After last week’s action packed climax we get one last dialogue heavy denouement that spells it all out from the two Lokis and us. Some may not have expected such a change of pace, but it’s a necessary episode of exposition – as they all have been – that not only sets up Kang as a force to be reckoned with, but opens up the MCU to the multiverse. A multiverse we will soon be seeming in the Disney + series What If…? And then in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse. Kang could very well be the MCU stand-in for Kevin Feige given his attention to detail and his road map for the future. A road map ripped up thanks to the vengeful Sylvie. But like all villainous folk, he can’t help but explain his grand plan away. Although, in this case, it is with a very specific purpose in mind.

Kang acts like a cosmic Willy Wonka and the TVA his chocolate factory. The keys of which he freely offers up to the two Lokis in the hope they will take it, let him live and run the TVA. Thereby preventing more veil versions of Kang to emerge. Well, needles to say, that doesn’t happen after Sylvie (Sophia Di Martino) does away with Loki (Tom Hiddleston) and mercilessly kills Kang. It may be a very understated murder, but the consequences is what gives the end of this series a thrilling shock of excitement too. And the promise of a second series. The first Disney + Marvel show to do that. 

Looking back, I’m glad to say I was proven correct in the importance of the colour palette chosen by this show. And the purple/blue/magenta colouring that hinted visually at the true identity of the TVA mastermind dominates this week’s finale. And while the revelation of Kang may well have not been too much of a surprise, the twist that this Kang was a good guy (sort of) was unexpected. As was the very last scene in which Loki, returned to the TVA, is not recognised by Mobius (Owen Wilson), or anyone, as it is revealed that the timeline has already changed.

As he turns round, we get the final, lingering shot of a gargantuan statue. Not of the Timekeepers but of a Kang the Conqueror far more in line with his comic book counterpart. A marvellous ending to a marvellous series that really stand out in so many ways to previous Marvel series on Disney +. And I’ve enjoyed them all so far.

And so the road map for the future fo Marvel Studios has well and truly been laid out for fans and directors to explore. 

Excelsior to one and all involved with this enthralling series. 

All episodes of Loki Season 1 are available to stream on Disney + now and read all our reviews for this season here.

(+++ WARNING: This review for Loki ‘For All Time. Always’ contains spoilers. Big spoilers! +++) And so to the grandCOMICONRead More

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