Review: The Newest Champion Of the Green Must Face An Uncomfortable Past In ‘The Swamp Thing’ #7

In this second part of this Suicide Squad guest starring story writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins go all out on the horror as Levi Kamei strikes back at Task Force X. From the writing to the visuals, this issue embraces the gruesome and ghastly and delivers a spectacular issue. The squad are a shambles as Swampy cuts through them like a a hot knife through butter, but not all of them.

Within these moments of horror we get more of Levi’s past and echoes of his Indian heritage. And how far he has become untethered from it all. Ironically, as the newest Swamp Thing roaming the forests of his youth he is more connected now that ever before thanks to his inescapable links to the Green. 

The transitions between these scenes of past and present, just as much signalled by the change in colours as the change in dramatis personae work well in unison. The browns and brilliant reds of Levi’s flashback scene and explosive and lush greens for the showdown of the main plot line sharply contrast one another and continually grab the reader’s attention. No better than on an early double page spread (below) that beautifully depicts this juxtaposition of colour palettes.

Balancing it all out is letterer Aditya Bidikar who remarkably allows the art to breath while setting out a very narrative rich script too. I enjoy the various shapes and colours various characters have assigned to them that aptly reflects their personality. Even when it’s just a gargle from Chemo.

As the story progresses so too does Levi’s own backstory. We learn how he became estranged from his father and his heritage and community. Like many, Levi sold out. The richness of these scenes burn on the page. They are scenes of guilt and sadness, and stand in stark contrast with the present.

Mike Perkins once more delivers artwork that sings. A mixture of creative layouts and realistic portraitures with the odd nod to the art heritage of Swamp Thing. A character who has been blessed from his very first appearance by some of the finest artists to work in comics, past and present. And on this I think Perkins will join their ranks when others look back at this run. Career defining? I think so. Perkins seems to be stretching himself to deliver artwork worthy of the script and the character. Mike Spicer’s colours only help to elevate it all further. I have no doubt after this ten issue run is done and dusted all three will be back again for a second season. 

The Swamp Thing #7 is out now from DC Comics

In this second part of this Suicide Squad guest starring story writer Ram V and artist Mike Perkins go allCOMICONRead More

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