Reviewing ‘Infinite Frontier’ #6: Another New Status Quo For The DCU And The Odd Ray Of Hope Too

With the revelation of Darkseid as a major player in the last issue, Infinite Frontiers #6 wastes no time in getting down and dirty with a battle royale suitable for these kids of event comics. And like previous DC Comics’ event series, this too ends with a new status quo for the DC multiverse and the promise of more to come. Indeed a lot of this concluding issue spends a good deal of time on presenting various epilogues as we catch up on the various characters starring in this series at the end of this climatic battle. Or rather a battle that feels far from climactic as Darkseid once more gets away scot free to brood and plot another day. 

And so the bulk of the issue presents the reader with a series of epilogues. We catch up with for Agent Chase, Roy Harper et. al. as well as a look in on Darkseid’s band of new gods, including his daughter Grail who hasn’t been seen for quite some time. But, with all of this comes the threat of even more comic buying to come if we are to ever find out what will come of the DCU. It’s all quite exhausting really. Although the last few pages, as we drop in on the Flash and a character from the past who makes a surprise guest appearance, does land well. Writer Joshua Williamson snatches a victory of sorts from the and lays a tantalising hook that’s enough for me to pick up whatever sequel to this series is published next year. Although before that he also sets up the forthcoming Justice Incarnate series and a good few other potential new storylines and series too. One of which must surely be Infinite Inc.?

Unlike previous issues this one is illustrated throughout by Xermánico, offering up an issue that has a consistency in the art style one gets from just the one artist. Although some pages work better than others, such as the double page fight scene that kicks off the issue as well as the clever change in style at the end of the comic that apes comic book printing and colouring of yesteryear. Colouring expertly balanced throughout the issue by colour artist Romulo Fajardo Jr. 

While there is a lot of darkness to this issue – particularly whenever Darkseid is around – there is also a lot of light too and optimism. The troubled Obsidian finds a new purpose in life, as does Agent Chase and Roy Harper. So while there are darker times to come, for now there is a lot to celebrate too. Again, a trope that is much needed after a big event like this one. It can’t all be doom and gloom now can it? Well, not until 2022 and the next chapter in Williamson’s long-term plans for the DCU anyway.

Infinite Frontiers #6 is out now from DC Comics

With the revelation of Darkseid as a major player in the last issue, Infinite Frontiers #6 wastes no time inCOMICONRead More

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