Terror Takes Over The Valiant Universe In ‘Shadowman’ #5, Due January 2022

Shadowman unleashes part one of Deadside War in Shadowman #5, a gripping horror storyline that will unfold within the pages of Shadowman for four issues and feature the eagerly anticipated return of fan-favorite character Punk Mambo. 

Jack Boniface is Shadowman, the brave and powerful supernatural protector who keeps humanity safe from the deadly creatures that dwell within the dimension known as the Deadside. When more and more of these nightmarish creatures start clawing into the world of the living, Jack won’t be able to stand alone against the global threat. 

“In the new Deadside War story in Shadowman, we’re seeing Blights—tears in the fabric of reality between our world and the Deadside — opening with increased frequency and increased supernatural mayhem,” said series writer Cullen Bunn. “It will also awaken some old adversaries who might be too much even for the combined might of our heroes. All this brings us to the titular war, which could rip the entirety of the Valiant Universe apart.” 

Artist Pedro Andreo aims to pull fans right into Cullen’s haunting story. “I wanted to capture the horror, stress, and oppression that an actual zombie attack would have in a city that wasn’t expecting it,” stated Andreo. “I couldn’t decide on whether I wanted slow zombies or running zombies so I went with a little bit of both. Both types of zombies! Could you imagine? That would be a nightmare.” 

In addition to bringing the horror to new heights, Andreo also enjoyed the opportunity to blend in energetic action sequences. “Cullen’s script was specific about everything that took place in these panels, but it let me go wild on the shots, angles, and movement, so I went full anime on them. I had a lot of fun doing the kinetic effects and such crazy panels full of detail, gore and action.”

Every new chapter of ‘Deadside War’ in Shadowman will feature a primary cover by Jon Davis-Hunt and a new Horror Movie Homage variant cover in addition to pre-order covers from a variety of artists, including Adam Pollina for issue #5.

Part 1 of Deadside War in Shadowman #5 will kick off The Year of Valiant, a year-long celebration of Valiant throughout 2022 featuring new launches, new creators, and the return of more fan-favorite characters. 

Shadowman #5 hits the spinner racks on January 19, 2022.


Shadowman unleashes part one of Deadside War in Shadowman #5, a gripping horror storyline that will unfold within the pagesCOMICONRead More

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