Judge Dredd Action Figures Coming In 2022

Rebellion are teaming up with Hiya Toys to produce a new line of action figures featuring everyone’s favourite fascist lawman of the future, Judge Dredd – created by John Wagner and Carlos Ezquerra in 1977. And just in time for the 45th anniversary celebrations of 2000 AD too.

One of the world’s most famous comic book characters, Judge Dredd has been patrolling the mean streets of Mega-City for forty-five years and this dynamic and fully poseable figure of perfectly captures his iconic look, drawing on the artwork of legendary artists such as Carlos Ezquerra, Mick McMahon, Brian Bolland, Cliff Robinson and more!

The first wave of figures will be just two 1:18 scale, four inch PVC action figures – the legendary lawman of the future, Judge Dredd, and his arch nemesis, Judge Death and features 19 points of articulation and various accessories.

Available to pre- order from retailers and to trade from this month, and releasing in March 2022, both will come shipped in a protective cardboard window box.

Hailing from another dimension, Judge Death is the undead mass murderer who has declared that all life is a crime! Based on the iconic character design and art by co-creator Brian Bolland, as well as the work of artists Cliff Robinson and Garry Leach, the Judge Death figure comes with 18 point of articulation and a gruesome human heart accessory!

Then, in April these two will be followed by 1:18 figures of Death’s compatriots in carnage, Judge Fear, in April (available to order from December) and in May the lord of decay, Judge Mortis, joins the party. Plus, look out for Judge Dredd’s iconic motorbike, the Lawmaster, hitting shelves in July.

Also coming next summer will be the larger 1:12 (six-inch) line with Judge Dredd (available to order from February), Judge Death in August (available to order from April), Judge Fear in September (available to order from May) and Judge Mortis in October (available to order from June).

And, all available to pre-order from the following retailers:

Amazon www.amazon.com / www.amazon.co.uk
Hiya Toys website www.hiyatoys.com
Diamond Comic Distributors www.diamondcomics.com

US and North America

A&R Computer World www.razorsedgecollectibles.com
ODDITIES LLC www.odditiespnw.com/
Merch2Rock www.merch2rock.com
Dorksidetoys www.dorksidetoys.com/
Deltecom Solutions www.deltecom.com
Cool Kids Toy www.coolkidstoy.com/
Big Boy Collectibles www.bigboycollectibles.com
BigBadToyStore www.bigbadtoystore.com
Ryan’s Store LLC www.ryanstorellc.com
BELSELL LLC www.belsellusa.com
Amok Time Inc. www.arnoktime.com
RetailYouUp Inc www.retailyouup.com
Legendary Products & Products www.legendaryproductsandservices.com
RCE Global Solutions www.rceglobalsolutions.com/

Other territories:

FS Holding Ltd (Russia) www.fs-holding.com
Rabbits Company (South Korea) www.rabbits.kr
Robot Kingdom (Hong Kong) www.robotkingdom.com/
精品玩具 (Hong Kong) www.animes-pro.com/

For trade enquiries, the 2000 AD action figures from Hiya Toys will be available to order from these distributors:

Ripmax Ltd (UK) www.amerang.co.uk
Sports Cards Australia Pty (Australia) www.ikoncollectables.com.au
Adhek Internacional (Chile) www.adhek-chile.com
O1 TOYS (China) www.mall.o1toys.com
EXTENDED PLAY S.L. (Spain) www.extendedplay.es / www.extendedplay.net
HEO (Georgia) www.heo.com
Asia Goal (Hong Kong) www.asiagoal.com.hk
Nauts Distributor (Japan) www.greg@nautsinc.com
Bikes and Toys Inc. (Mexico) www.facebook.com/BikesandToysInc
Anime Import Peru (Peru) www.animeimportperu.com
原石創意國際有限公司 (Taiwan) www.ruten.com.tw/store/newpc666222
Rebellion are teaming up with Hiya Toys to produce a new line of action figures featuring everyone’s favourite fascist lawmanCOMICONRead More

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