A ‘Shadow War’ Is Coming For Deathstroke, Batman And Robin In 2022

One of my favourite DC Comics’ books at the moment is Deathstroke Inc. So I’m rather stoked by the news of a Deathstroke focussed event coming in 2022. ‘Shadow War’ will be a three-month crossover involving the ubiquitous Batman as well as Robin (well, Joshua Williamson is writing the Boy Wonder’s series too) and it all starts off in Shadow War Alpha #1, written by Williamson, with art by Viktor Bogdanovic (Detective Comics) on Tuesday March 29th, 2022, priced at $5.99.

Shadow War #1

“Slade Wilson commits an unthinkable act, and Talia al Ghul, the Daughter of the Demon, is out for blood! The League of Shadows is out to murder Deathstroke and destroy Deathstroke Inc., and it’s up to Batman and Robin to track Slade down and bring him to justice, but do they?”

Robin #12

But, to warm fans up, catch Robin #12 (March 22nd), also written by Williamson with art by Roger Cruz. This issue will feature “a changed Damian Wayne returning to Gotham after the end of the Lazarus Tournament, only to have one more opponent to battle to the death: Damian Wayne!”

Deathstroke Inc. #7

Also out that same day is Deathstroke Inc. #7 written by Williamson (surely DC’s busiest writer atm?) with art by Stephen Segovia.

“This issue spotlights a guest appearance by Slade’s daughter Rose Wilson, a.k.a. Ravager in father-daughter face off! Ravager wants to know why Deathstroke has proclaimed himself “King of the Super-Villains,” and she’s brought the mysterious character Respawn with her to find out! This is the issue where past secrets are exposed, resulting in a cliffhanger that leads directly into Shadow War!”

Shadow War Alpha #1

Then, Shadow War continues in April with Batman #122, Deathstroke Inc. #8, and Robin #13 and concludes in May with Batman #123Shadow War Zone #1, Deathstroke Inc. #9, and Robin #14, concluding with the can’t-miss Shadow War Omega #1. Phew. I think Joshua Williamson gets less sleep than Bruce Wayne given this output.

One of my favourite DC Comics’ books at the moment is Deathstroke Inc. So I’m rather stoked by the newsCOMICONRead More

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