Revealed: The 2022 Lineup For ‘2000 AD’ And Its 45th Anniversary Year

It seems insane to think that it’s 2022 in less than three weeks… but that means that we’ve got loads of comics to look forward to with publishers all over releasing their lineups for the new year. And today, we got a look at what’s coming from 2000 AD.

The big news, of course, is that it’s a huge year for 2000 AD as they’re celebrating 45 thrill-powered years since Tharg first brought us his comic back in 1977. There’s already plenty announced for the 45th anniversary, including The 2000 AD Encyclopedia and the Brian Bolland and Mick McMahon Apex Editions, showcasing artwork scanned at high resolution and presented at original size.

And in May, 45 Years of 2000 AD sees forty-five stellar artists from comics and illustration give us their unique takes on some of 2000 AD’s most famous characters, including Michael Allred, Jamie Smart, Annie Wu, Mick McMahon, Kevin O’Neill, and Rachael Stott.

But, as you’ll see below, that’s just the tip of the collections iceberg… You’ll see plentiful tribute paid to some of the best talents from 2000 AD, including books focusing on the work of Judge Dredd co-creators John Wagner (March) and Carlos Ezquerra (May), and co-creator of Rogue Trooper and The VCs Gerry Finley-Day (August), as well as a collection of Al Ewing’s Judge Dredd work (March). And for more Carlos Ezquerra, September brings us Strontium Dog: The Son where we get the bittersweet moment of seeing Ezquerra’s final work on the character he co-created.

In terms of up-to-date collections, there’s plenty from 2000 AD today, including more from the all-ages Regened, and the first collection of breakout all-ages Dredd-world sci-fi action series Department K, alien space opera Proteus Vex, and the smash hit space opera The Out. Ongoing series getting the collection treatment in 2022 include War of the Worlds sequel Scarlet Traces, hit folk horror series Thistlebone, the ever-wonderful Dredd-world Western Lawless, and acclaimed sci-fi noir Brink.

Yes, four and a half decades old and 2000 AD is definitely not slowing down one bit!

So… fancy a full listing? Well, here you go…

Essential Dredd: Dredd vs Death – 18th January 2022

“The essential Judge Dredd graphic novel series – the ultimate introduction to the Lawman of the Future! The crime is life! The Judgement is death! When Judge Death enters Mega-City One from a parallel dimension, his plan is simple: to find every single living cit and sentence them – to death! The fourth volume in the oversized Essential Dredd series includes the first two Judge Death stories, from John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Brian Bolland (The Killing Joke) presented in stunning black and white, and featuring restored pages. It also includes the first solo Judge Anderson adventure, presented in luscious new colours, also starring Judge Death. The critically acclaimed Essential Dredd Collection is a perfect jumping on point for new readers and this volume introduces Judge Death, the Dark Judges and wisecracking Psi Judge Cassandra Anderson.”

Sleeze ‘N’ Ryder – Digital-only – 5th January 2022

“Where did they go? Out. What did they see? Freakin’ everything, man! Sleeze and Ryder are on the roadtrip of their drokkin’ lives. Far from Mega-City 1 and deep in the Cursed Earth, these no-good hell trekkers are looking for adventure – but what they find is dinosaurs, mutants and the grud-dang apocalypse! This outlandish classic of 1990s 2000 AD is brought to you by the outrageous minds of Garth Ennis (Preacher) and Nick Percival (The Dark Judges) and is available in an exclusive digital edition for the first time ever!”

2000 AD Encyclopedia – Hardcover – 15th February 2022

“What are the essential Judge Dredd stories? In which progs did The Ballad of Halo Jones run? What year was the first appearance of Nemesis the Warlock? Just who are the Thrillsuckers? Look no further, Earthlets! Every strip and major character from 2000 AD’s trailblazing 45 year history is catalogued and detailed, accompanied by stunning artwork and illustrations. With this show-stopping hardcover collection, must-read characters and storylines from across the cosmos are at your fingertips!”

Judge Dredd by Brian Bolland Apex Edition – Hardcover – 17th February 2022

“Acclaimed as one of the greatest artists of his generation for his work on such titles as Camelot 3000 and Batman: The Killing Joke, Brian Bolland’s work on Judge Dredd helped catapult both the series and Bolland himself to international acclaim. His incredible black & white art is showcased in this deluxe, over-sized facsimile edition featuring new high-resolution scans of his original art from 2000 AD showing Bolland’s delicate inking brushwork in unprecedented detail, as well as the titles and word balloons placed over it at the time by IPC’s art team. It promises to be an unmissable collection for fans of comics and of fine art. This book will include pages from the Judge Dredd epics; The Cursed Earth, The Day the Law Died, The Judge Child Quest, and Bolland’s masterpiece Judge Death Lives. Also included is a gallery of covers ranging from 2000 AD to the Judge Dredd reprints published by Eagle Comics which brought Brian to the attention of American readers and show off Bolland’s inventiveness and sardonic humour.”

The Best of John Wagner’s Judge Dredd – Hardcover – 15th March 2022

“He is one of the best-known voices in British comics, respected and revered for revitalising the industry in the 1970s and co-creating the iconic ‘Lawman of the future’ – Judge Dredd. In celebration of his forty-five years chronicling the madness and mayhem of Mega-City One, this collection features some of the funniest, most poignant and action-packed tales penned by the great man himself.”

2000 AD Regened Vol.3 – 15th March 2022

“The galaxy’s favourite thrill-powered science fiction comic is back with another line up of electrifying stories aimed at all ages! Reimagined versions of classic 2000 AD characters like Judge Dredd, star alongside brand new characters, specially created for a younger audience. In this, the third smashing volume, follow the action packed adventures of Cadet Dredd as he battles robots! Save the world from aliens with Judge Anderson! Meet the mightiest cat burglar of Mega-City One! Marvel at the brain-busting and jaw dropping Future Shocks! Plus, in an exclusive new strip, classic 2000 AD characters the Harlem Heroes return! Critically acclaimed and beloved by old and new fans alike, 2000 AD Regened storms into its third brilliant collection. Can you handle the awesomeness of 2000 AD Regened?”

Scarlet Traces Vol.3 – 15th March 2022

“The visionary comic series from Ian Edginton and D’Israeli continues! It is 1968 and the Martians have finally returned and are ready to wreck their terrible revenge. Can a ragtag team of Humans and Venusian survivors, spread across the solar system, stop the Martian plan to weaponise the sun itself and wipe humanity off the Earth in this third volume of the critically acclaimed sequel to H.G. Wells’ iconic novel The War of the Worlds.”

Judge Dredd: Blaze of Glory – 1st March 2022

“Go on patrol and see Mega-City One – and beyond – through the eyes of Al Ewing (Immortal Hulk), one of the most original writers in comics, as Judge Dredd dispenses justice to mutants, laidback religious cults, the Sex Olympics and Santa Claus. But when polite ex-stripper Zombo appears in his dimension, has old Stoney Face finally met his match? Collecting many of Ewing’s outrageous Dredd stories for the first time and featuring an all-star cast of artists, including Liam Sharp (Green Lantern, Wonder Woman), John Higgins (Dreadnoughts: Breaking Ground, Judge Dredd, Watchmen), Simon Fraser (Judge Dredd, Nikolai Dante) and Ben Willsher (Roy of the Rovers, Judge Dredd), this is an essential collection for fans of the Law.”

The Mean Arena Volume 2: Eat, Slay, Shove! – Digital-only – 2nd March 2022

“In a dystopian future where the ultra-violent sport street football is played in evacuated towns, Matt Talon isn’t playing just to win – he’s playing for revenge! In the second instalment of this violent, action packed 2000 AD classic, Slater’s Slayers take on the the Penzance Riggers, the Edinburgh Executioners, the Salford Slicers and the Oxford Invaders! In the Mean Arena, it’s not just football – it’s mayhem, madness and murder! The second volume of The Mean Arena by Tom Tully (Roy of the Rovers), Eric Bradbury (Invasion!, Hook Jaw) and Mike White (Abelard Snazz) is collected for the first time ever in a digital exclusive graphic novel!”

Proteus Vex: Another Dawn – 14th April 2022

“For fourteen brutal centuries, the Imperium Ascendant and the Obdurate have clashed in an intergalactic war that spanned planets and peoples. Then the war – and the Obdurate – came to a dramatic end. Now, the galaxies are picking up the pieces. In the midst of this sprawling, dazzling system of galaxies, is Proteus Vex, ex-soldier for the Imperium Ascendant turned super-agent. He’s fast, brutal, and he always gets his prey. But when he is sent to find his former superior officer, Vex finds himself caught up in a deadly conspiracy. Hit comics team Michael Carroll (The New Heroes, Judge Dredd), Henry Flint (Judge Dredd, Zombo) and Jake Lynch (Judge Dredd) bring you a mind-expanding, colourful story that will plunge you into a series of strange new worlds.”

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol.39 – 28th April 2022

“In the nightmare metropolis of the future he is judge, jury and executioner – he is Judge Dredd! The best-selling Complete Case Files series continues with Judge Dredd taking on terrorist organisations, hunting down PJ Maybe who has taken on a new disguise, and Pat Mills returns with Blood of Satanus II: Dark Matters. Drawn by a roster of the greatest artists working on Judge Dredd in the 21st Century – Chris Weston (The Filth), Cam Kennedy (Star Wars), Henry Flint (Zombo) ,and Ian Gibson (Halo Jones) – the Judge Dredd Case Files series has sold over half a million copies.”

Skip Tracer: Legion (digital) – Digital-only – 4th May 2022

“The Cube, the twenty-seventh century. This vast city floating in the depths of space was once a monitoring station, but has been refitted by the Earth-led Consociation as a solution to a universal housing problem. It’s now home to every kind of undesirable, and an easy refuge for wanted criminals and fugitives. That’s where Skip Tracer Nolan Blake comes in, a former soldier turned tracker-for-hire… Written by James Peaty (Doctor Who) and with art by Paul Marshall (Firekind), this action packed science fiction adventure is available in a digital exclusive graphic novel for the first time!”

45 Years of 2000 AD – Hardcover – 24th May 2022

“To celebrate forty-five years of bringing Thrill-Power to earthlets, Tharg the Mighty has tasked forty-five of Earth’s most popular comic and illustration artists to interpret the characters featured in the pages of the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, 2000 AD. Featuring all new work by Jamie Smart (Bunny vs Monkey), Hannah Templer (GLOW, TMNT), Michael Allred (Madman, Silver Surfer), Kevin O’Neill (League of Extraordinary Gentlemen), Racheal Stott (Star Wars, Doctor Who).”

The Art of Carlos Ezquerra – Hardcover – 10th May 2022

“Spanning 50 years, this collection of Carlos Ezquerra’s comic work begins with samples from such titles as Valentine and Mirabelle, collects never before reprinted short war comics from Battle, shows off his sumptuous colour Strontium Dog art, and culminates with a section on his 2000 AD work and his greatest creation, Judge Dredd.”

Thistlebone Book Two – Hardcover – 10th May 2022

“Britain, 2020. It’s been over a year since journalist Seema Chaudry accompanied cult survivor Avril Easton back to the village of Harrowvale, the site of her terryifying experiences at the hands of Jasper Hillman’s THISTLEBONE worshippers, a crazed occult group that believed in an ancient woodland deity. Intended as a cathartic experience, both women were changed forever by what they were confronted with. In the process of researching for a book on the Thistlebone legend, Seema believes much of it centres around one man — Malcolm Kinniburgh.”

Lawless Book Four: Boomtown – 23rd June 2022

“Having narrowly avoided being wiped from the face of the planet by Munce, Inc., Badrock is now a thriving boom town, predicated on an uneasy peace between the Zhind, the settlers and the Mega-City One Justice Department. Designated a Free Town, the future’s there for taking, and folks from all over the planet 43 Rega are flocking to Badrock to begin anew, all under the watchful, disapproving eye of the SJS. Many are hardworking, honest folk – but some are parasites, drawn to Badrock to find new ways of making a killing. And when a caravan of settlers is brutally slaughtered, it’ll take all that Colonial Marshal Metta Lawson has to stop an outright war. Dan Abnett (Aquaman, Guardians of the Galaxy) and Phil Winslade’s (Howard the Duck, Wonder Woman) frontier epic Lawless continues in this fourth action packed volume, which includes the all singin’, all dancin’, Lawless the Musical!”

Essential Judge Dredd: Necropolis – 7th June 2022

“The essential Judge Dredd graphic novel series – the ultimate introduction to the Lawman of the Future! Mega-City One is under siege from the Dark Judges, Dredd has been exiled to the harsh wastelands of the Cursed Earth and time is running out for the citizens he once swore to protect. With the body-count rising and hope running out, will the Judges be able to turn back the tide of death? Essential Judge Dredd: Necropolis is the ultimate Judge Dredd Vs The Dark Judges storyline. A comic book ‘summer blockbuster’, written and drawn by Dredd’s co-creators John Wagner (A History of Violence) and Carlos Ezquerra (Strontium Dog), where Dredd must reclaim his badge from the imposter Judge Kraken and retake Mega-City One from the grip of the Dark Judges; Death, Fear, Fire and Mortis.”

Survival Geeks: Crisis of Infinite Nerds – Digital-only – 6th July 2022

“Sam, Simon, Clive and Rufus having been traversing the multiverse in a misfiring trans-dimensional terrace house! Armed only with their wits and nerd trivia, they have to survive the deadly universes in which they find themselves! But with a deadly interdimensional comic con and an army of themselves standing their way, will the hapless geeks ever find their way home? The second volume of Gordon Rennie, Emma Beeby and Neil Googe’s hilarious sci-fi satire continues in this digital exclusive graphic novel!”

Judge Dredd: The Citadel – 19th July 2022

“The Apocalypse War rages and Judge Dredd leads a squad of Cadet Judges into battle, launching an assault upon The Citadel, where Sov forces have set up base. But now, 40 years later, former Cadet Judge Winterton, on the day of his execution, will tell the truth about what happened during the Apocalypse War, why the mission was subsequently covered up, and the secret that Judge Dredd himself has been hiding for the past 40 years.”

2000 AD Regened Vol.4 – 19th July 2022

“2000 AD’s all-ages science fiction anthology series returns with a fourth thrill-powered collection of epic, action packed stories featuring all of your favourite characters and a brand new, exclusive Harlem Heroes strip! Cadet Dredd goes undercover as a renegade runaway! It’s the Harlem Heroes versus the Harlem Hellcats in the most dangerous – and deadly – aeroball game Mega-City One’s ever seen! Does Chopper have what it takes to evade the Judges and win the Sky Surfing competition? Travel to other dimensions with Jaina and Jacen in ‘Splorers! And Judge Anderson is back with another collection of brainbusting puzzles! It’s the Galaxy’s best and brightest all-ages comic – it’s 2000 AD Regened!”

Brink Vol.5 – 16th August 2022

“The year is 2096 and Earth has been reduced to an uninhabited wasteland. What was left of humanity was evacuated into overpopulated space stations, or ‘Habitats’. Nolan Maslow, a journalist working for The Herald, is investigating the death of HSD agent Brinkmann and the sect that has infiltrated the maintenance workers of Ludmilla Habitat. He will find out that even his most outrageous theories cannot encompass what is actually happening behind the scenes of the habitat. Taking place during the events of Brink Book One, this graphic novel adds extra layers to the story of Bridget Kurtis and her ongoing fight against the forces which are haunting the remains of humanity and driving them to madness.”

The Best of Gerry Finley-Day – Hardcover – 16th August 2022

“From Tammy to the Eagle, Gerry Finley-Day was one of the most prolific comic book writers throughout the 1970s and 80s. His work for 2000 AD in particular was extraordinary and included such beloved strips as future war G.I. Rogue Trooper, the ‘Great escape’ in space titled Harry 20 on the High Rock, the Star Wars inspired V.C.’s and a gritty 1970s take on the iconic Eagle character Dan Dare. This collection contains some of Gerry’s greatest work on these strips and more. Tight plots, non-stop action and plenty of thrills are here in abundance and highlight why 2000 AD became the stand out comic title in Britain.”

Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files Vol.40 – 4th August 2022

“In the nightmare metropolis of the future he is judge, jury and executioner – he is Judge Dredd! The best-selling Complete Case Files series continues with the gripping and timely epic Total War. Judge Dredd battles a terrorist organisation called Total War, who are determined to democratise Mega-City One – or destroy it. Total War have two hundred thermonuclear devices planted across the city and one will be detonated each day the Judges remain in power. Total War will have democratisation – or they will have mass-death. The choice is the Judges’ – and time is running out. Drawn by a roster of the greatest artists working on Judge Dredd in the 21st Century – John Higgins (Watchmen), Henry Flint (Zombo), Ian Gibson (The Ballad of Halo Jones) and D’Israeli (Scarlet Traces) – the Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files series has sold over half a million copies.”

Judge Dredd: Legends of the Law – 13th September 2022

“DC Comics take on Mega-City One’s toughest lawman! Launched in late 1994 to coincide with the release of the 1995 Judge Dredd movie, Legends of The Law was a 13-issue series published by DC Comics and initially written by Judge Dredd co-creator John Wagner and his writing partner, Alan Grant. This book collects the first seven issues for the first time since their original publication. The madness and majesty of Mega-City One are perfectly captured in these full-colour, all new stories, Judge Dredd is presented with a host of colourful villains, including the organ-harvesting, musical-obsessed Dr. Bliss!”

Dark Justice: Deliverance – Digital-only – 7th September 2022

“There is no Grud, only the Dark Judges! Trapped in a bubble of Boing® in space, Judge Death is rescued by a Mortarian Death Cult, determined to unleash the Dark Judges for the ultimate execution ceremony! Reunited with his fellow Dark Judges, only one person stands between Death and his quest for mass extinction – the determined teen runaway Roscoe. The Dark Justice saga by David Hine and Nick Percival continues in this not to be miss digital exclusive graphic novel!”

Strontium Dog: The Son – 24th November 2022

“Carlos Ezquerra’s final work on the character he co-created for Starlord in 1978. In The Son Johnny Alpha is assigned to mentor Kenton Sternhammer, one of the new recruits to the ranks of the Strontium Dogs. Johnny knows that Kenton Sternhammer is his old partner Wulf’s offspring and while Kenton understandably wants to follow in his father’s footsteps, Johnny is reluctant to allow it, knowing the fate that has befallen many a Strontium Dog, including Wulf, a death which still eats away at Johnny’s conscience.”

The Out – 25th October

“Cyd Finlea is a photo-journalist working for the publishers Neographic. It has been a decade since she left Earth and travelled to into the deepest reassesses of outer space – otherwise known as THE OUT. Her encounters include meetings with strange alien societies and ex-pat humans, an experience that she shares with her trusty sentient backpack… This exciting, first volume introduces a brand new world introduced recently in the pages of 2000 AD, with an intriguing new female lead brilliantly executed by writer Dan Abnett (Guardians of the Galaxy) and featuring the inventive visuals of Mark Harrison.”

Judge Dredd by Mick McMahon Apex Edition – Hardcover – 26th October 2022

“Presenting Mick McMahon’s Judge Dredd art in a format that matches the size he originally drew the pages. Using scans taken from the original art, complete stories such as Frankenstein II, The Wreath Murders, and Dream Palace are published alongside pages from The Cursed Earth, The Day the Law Died, The Judge Child, and The Fink, his colour eighties Annual work is also presented in this book too, with the complete Pinboing Wizard, and selected pages from other colour classics.”

Department K: Interdimensional Investigators – 8th November 2022

“Tech Whizz Cadet Afua is the newest intern at Mega-City One’s Department K. A team made up of geeks, robots and misfits, their job is to protect our dimension at all costs! For beyond the fabric of reality lies a multitude of multiverses and monsters, determined to reach our world. But when a routine mission goes wrong, Afua and her new team become stranded in a different dimension. If Afua is to survive – let alone pass – this internship, she’ll have to find her way home from the furthest corners of the multiverse.”

Tales from the Black Museum Vol.2 – Digital-only – 2nd November 2022

“Welcome back, ghoulish guests, to the Mega-City One’s Black Museum, where relics from the most gruesome, horrific crimes are put on display. In this second volume of terrifying tales from the vaults, chilling creators Michael Carroll, Arthur Wyatt, Alec Worley, Vince Locke, Tiernen Trevallion, P.J. Holden and more take you through the grislest, most inexplicable crimes in the Justice Department’s history!”

Finn: Origins – 8th December 2022

“Finn is a cab driver by day, and a witch by night, part of a coven dedicated to protecting humanity from the agents of the old ‘Great Ones’, the ancient intergalactic beings who separated humanity from their beastly nature, and have maintained control ever since. These arcane and anarchic adventures from Pat Mills, Tony Skinner, Jim Elston, Kevin Wicks, and Liam Sharp are collected for the first time.”

It seems insane to think that it’s 2022 in less than three weeks… but that means that we’ve got loadsCOMICONRead More

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