Finally,’The Best Of 2000 AD’ Rescheduled For September 2022

Back in 2019, 2000 AD made the announcement that they’d be putting out a series of ‘Best of 2000 AD’ comics, designed as a taster and teaser for the best thrill-power around. And then there was the small snag of the pandemic.

Well, after much delay, the Best of 2000 AD is now re-scheduled for a six-issue graphic novel series beginning September 2022!

Cover to issue 1 – Jamie McKelvie

Instead of the originally planned 12-issue series of 100-page US-sized comics, it’s now coming out as six 200-page US-sized graphic novels featuring new covers by artists like Annie Wu, Jamie McKelvie, Becky Cloonan, Charlie Adlard, and Erica Henderson – all tied together with design work from Tom Muller.

As was said way, way back in pre-pandemic times, this Best of 2000 AD series is something being touted as “the perfect gateway into the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic – an ultimate ‘mix-tape’ anthology of full-colour stories specially chosen to be accessible to a whole new generation of comic readers who may never have picked up 2000 AD in its traditional format.”

Each 200-page volume will be headlined by a self-contained contemporary Judge Dredd adventure, followed by a mixture of hidden gems from 2000 AD’s history, a classic Judge Dredd case, and a graphic novel length feature presentation featuring global comics legends including Sean PhilipsFrank QuitelyFraser IrvingKevin O’NeillMick McMahonPete MilliganRob WilliamsAl EwingAlan MooreAlan Davis and more.

“Even in the teeth of the pandemic, graphic novels had one of their best years ever and Best of 2000 AD has been tailor-made to give bookstores a great way to stock the very best of British comics. With eye-catching covers, design, and impeccable storytelling, Best of 2000 AD brings the energy and creativity of Britain’s biggest comics brand to the book trade in a new and fresh way, giving readers curious about getting into graphic novels an irresistible sampling of stories that will appeal to all palettes.”2000 AD Trade and Special Sales Manager, Owen Johnson.

The first volume of Best of 2000 AD is scheduled for release in September 2022.

It’s more of the continued push by 2000 AD and Rebellion to market 2000 AD and its related titles to the difficult to crack US market. Whilst the comic has its devoted fans over in the States, the weekly schedule, coupled with the non-US size of the comic meant it was harder to gain traction with US readers reluctant to give the comic a go. Hopefully, more and more of you are seeing that there’s so much great material available thanks to our continued coverage here at Comicon – but the Best of 2000 AD series could well be a perfect introduction to many readers still reluctant. We can but hope!

Back in 2019, 2000 AD made the announcement that they’d be putting out a series of ‘Best of 2000 AD’COMICONRead More

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