Brian Michael Bendis Developing A ‘Legion Of Superheroes’ Animated Series For HBO Max

Long live the Legion!

In his most recent newsletter, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed he is working on a Legion of Superheroes show for HBO Max. Devised by Otto Binder and Al Plastino for Adventure Comics #247 in 1963, the group were originally meant to be a teen superhero club from the future. But by using time travel, they inducted Superboy onto the team and, soon, the Legion became a vehicle for introducing new characters like Star Boy (though he wasn’t originally a Legionnaire) and a feature strip in its own right. The Legion eventually took over Superboy’s spot in Adventure Comics, becoming the lead strip in issue #300.

Fans embraced it as the Legion more or less grew up in real time along with its readers. Eventually, the team and their adventures in the 30th Century would rejoin Superboy in his own book before getting co-billing in Superboy and the Legions of Superheroes #231 and taking over the title entirely with The Legion of Superheroes #259. By then, the team featured twenty or so rotating characters and stories from the likes of Jerry Siegel, Jim Shooter, Cary Bates, and even Paul Levitz with love, war, and hard life lessons getting mixed in with its sci-fi vistas and out-there storytelling.

But as the characters and their readership hit middle-age, sales declined and the concept was rebooted by Mark Waid, Tom McCraw, and Stuart Immonen in 1994, and again by Waid and Barry Kitson in 2004. Bendis reintroduced the title after years of dormancy despite the efforts of Geoff Johns, Levitz, and others. The core idea remains the same: super-powered teens taking it upon themselves to protect the galaxy just like the heroes 1000 years earlier

Bendis’s television take on the Legion is currently set to be an adult animated series. We assume he means in subject matter and not necessarily with the humorous angle seen on Harley Quinn. Indeed, the writer went on to explain it will be “an adaptation of the Legion of superheroes that Ryan Sook and I have been working on the last few years … it will harken back to so many classics while at the same time doing what Legion does: pushing all the ideas of superheroes forward in every direction.”

As we often say here at Comicon — and Bendis himself notes — it may be some time before the Legion series materialize. Animation needs more lead time, so it’s possible the team’s adventures in the 31st Century will not arrive on HBO Max until 2024 if at all.

Long live the Legion! In his most recent newsletter, writer Brian Michael Bendis revealed he is working on a LegionCOMICONRead More

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