Preview: Meet The Master Of Puppets In ‘The House Of Dolmann!’

Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics brings you one of the gems of weirdness from the pages of Valiant – with Dolman’s mini-mechanical army stepping up to defend Britain!

Softcover art by Brian Bolland

Created, written and drawn by the legendary writer and artist team of Tom Tully and Eric Bradbury, The House of Dolmann was one of the most wonderfully wacky and sometimes plain disturbing of classic British comics…

“Inventor, puppeteer and master ventriloquist Eric Dolmann has a secret life – working for the British agency known as International Security.

Tasked with defending the Crown from D.A.R.T. (The Department for Arson, Revolution and Terror) and stopping other evildoers such as The Hawk and Dr. Magno, Dolmann has created an army of miniature mechanical warriors, which he controls through micro-transmitters concealed in his belt.

From the limb-stretching Elasto to the tunnel-drilling Mole, Dolmann is equipped to take on villainy in all its forms!”

Seriously? What a wonderfully off-the-wall concept The House of Dolmann was!

A ventriloquist and puppet maker who makes a small army of miniature robots, all looking like puppets, each of them with strange abilities and their own names, and then decides, of course, to fight crime with them!

Not just that though, he uses his ventriloquism abilities to give all his mini creations their own voices as well… and they’d often use them to bicker and argue amongst themselves, including taking the time to have a go at Dolmann himself.

Oh, here’s a man in such need of talking to a psychiatrist!

So, time to go back and see what this strip, oft-mentioned as one of the weirdest of its time, was all about with the latest Treasury of British Comics reprint.

Join Dolmann and his dolls, Fabulo the escapologist, Raider the commando, Togo the wrestler, Elasto the elastic doll, and all the rest of the strange menagerie of puppets, with Dolmann guiding them all from the safety of his flying Dolmobile, as they march into action in this reprint.

THE HOUSE OF DOLMANN Volume 1 – written by Tom Tully, art by Eric Bradbury.

Contains material originally serialised in Valiant from 8th October 1966 – 6th May 1967.

Published by Rebellion & The Treasury Of British Comics on 14th April.

Now, preview time, an introduction to just some of Dolmann’s little helpers and the first couple of House of Dolmann adventures…

And finally, the hardcover artwork from Chris Weston

Rebellion and The Treasury of British Comics brings you one of the gems of weirdness from the pages of ValiantCOMICONRead More

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