AfterShock Comics Announces New Fantasy/Sci-Fi Revenge Series ‘Samurai Doggy’

Writer Chris Tex (BlackOut) and artist Santtos (LAND OF THE LIVING GODSBlackOut, Night Shift) will be releasing a new comic with AfterShock Comics, Samurai Doggy. A series about revenge, mystery and canines:

“During the Fourth War of the Sun, a small dog named DOGGY experienced an irreparable trauma: his mother was brutally murdered, and his eight brothers, still puppies, were kidnapped by a mysterious man. To save them, Doggy fought bravely against the terrible killer, but all his efforts were in vain, and he was left for dead. What nobody imagined was that a technological vulture scavenging the region for corpses would be the one to rescue the dying dog from death’s scythe. 

Now, Doggy has become Samurai Doggy, and his only goal is to quench his thirst for revenge. 

Written by Chris Tex (BlackOut) and illustrated by Santtos (LAND OF THE LIVING GODS, BlackOut, Night Shift), SAMURAI DOGGY is a story of loss, revenge and the journey to defeat the greatest empire of machines and robots that has ever existed.”

Chris Tex added:

“SAMURAI DOGGY takes place in a fantasy world with strong sci-fi elements. It tells a revenge story, where we accompany our protagonist, Doggy, on a journey to find his mother’s murderer and save his eight kidnapped brothers. Along the way, Doggy discovers that not everything he imagines is as expected. As the story progresses, it turns out that Doggy knows only the tip of a huge iceberg.”

He also discusses the influences behind this book:

“Much of the inspiration came from the 80’s and 90’s anime that I consumed when I was a kid. Also, from games and movies about Samurai. The great mangakas like Naoki Urasawa, Katsuhiro Otomo, Akira Toriyama and Shinichiro Watanabe were huge inspirations, too.”

And he even gives three reasons why you might want to pick up the series:

“I can say that this book has a tangible difference. It’s a particular universe created by two Brazilians who put not only references of manga and comics but also characteristics of our culture from our country. We are very big consumers of American and Japanese pop culture. So, with a mix of influences like that, I believe that there is nothing like SAMURAI DOGGY anywhere else in the world.  Everyone who reads it will notice that the world of SAMURAI DOGGY is unique and has elements that are both singular and odd. So, to summarize. The 3 reasons are:

– The book was made by two Brazilian consumers of American and Japanese pop culture who put cultural elements from their own country in the book.

– It’s a sci-fi action comic set in a unique universe with many epic scenes that form a great adventure.

– Anyone who wants to see a new style of art based on manga from the 80’s and 90’s will identify with SAMURAI DOGGY.”

Meanwhile, artist Santtos discussed his approach to the art:

“Regarding my art, I bring both a little bit of anime and a little bit of cinema.  In SAMURAI DOGGY, this is particularly evident. I also brought in some influence of Brazilian street art and traditional Japanese art. Both create something new to me. In the book there’s a lot of action and I want readers to feel all these movements, the energy. I’m always trying to heighten the visual elements of the reading experience.”

As for his favourite moment?

“Well, I have several favorite pages. I really like one at the beginning of the book, where Doggy is eating a bao and stops behind a giant poster of his brother, who he has spent long years looking for. I like it because of the symbology we put in it, the composition, the colors… it reminds me a lot of animation, but at the same time it has the vertical frames, a unique style on a comic book page.”

Look out from Samurai Doggy #1 is out Wednesday 10th August from AfterShock Comics

Writer Chris Tex (BlackOut) and artist Santtos (LAND OF THE LIVING GODS, BlackOut, Night Shift) will be releasing a new comicCOMICONRead More

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