AfterShock Comics Announces ‘A Calculated Man’ To Be Adapted For TV By Hulu

The recently announced AfterShock Comics’ series A Calculated Man, by writer Paul Tobin (Bunny Mask) and artist Alberto Albuquerque (The Amazing Spider-Man) is to be adapted by Hulu into a TV series. The deal was made by Rive Gauche, and AfterShock Media, who is repped by Neil Sacker of Sacker Entertainment Law.

“AfterShock Comics’ math-inspired crime series A CALCULATED MAN follows Jack Beans, an accountant living in witness protection after betraying his former employers, the Pinafore crime family. After three years, Jack decides to reclaim his old life. What follows is a journey full of murder, mayhem and mathematics.”

Peter Calloway, the writer of AfterShock Comics’ Shadow Doctor and producer of several noteworthy TV series including CLOAK & DAGGER, UNDER THE DOME and LEGION, is set to be showrunner for the series. He had this to say about this new project:

 “It’s not often that a story grabs you by the throat and heart at the same time. A CALCULATED MAN did just that. The moment I read Paul and Alberto’s beautifully bonkers book, I was excited to bring it to the screen.” Calloway adds, “Doing it at Hulu — with their commitment to unflinching, unique stories — is a dream come true.”

AfterShock Editor-in-Chief Mike Marts added:

“Seeing Paul and Alberto’s project get acquired before the first issue even hits stands just shows how solid a concept it is – A CALCULATED MAN is aa strong a comic as we’ve ever produced.”

Paul Tobin also spoke up toot:

“It’s been a unique sort of fun working on the series, already knowing it’s on its way to television despite the first issue not even being out I can hear certain actors voices in my head, now, and I’ve found myself wondering how a television budget would feel about some of the more chaotic scenes. Luckily, I’m able to put that aside and keep doing the #1 thing I always want to do: just make the sort of comics I’d love to pick up and read, myself.”

Alberto Alburquerque concluded:

“Many of the things you do as a comic book creator have to be very minutely calculated but once I read the script Paul sent me, there was no more calculations. I became immediately passionate about it and knew I had to draw this book. I’ve enjoyed every second of it and the probabilities of that happening in a project with 100 pages are very slim.”

Look out for A Calculated Man #1, out Wednesday 15th June from AfterShock Comics and get a taste of what the TV show will be all about.

The recently announced AfterShock Comics’ series A Calculated Man, by writer Paul Tobin (Bunny Mask) and artist Alberto Albuquerque (TheCOMICONRead More

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