‘Gotham Knights’ Sizzle Reel Reveals A Return To Younger DC Television

Call it what you will, but this sizzle reel for The CW’s upcoming Gotham Knights make one thing clear — the network wants to skew younger again.


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Oscar Morgan stars as Turner Hayes, the adopted son of the Batman, whose life is thrown into chaos when his father is not only killed, but he’s blamed for the murder. He joins up with the likes of Carrie Kelly (Navia Robinson) and the children of Batman’s villains to clear their names and, perhaps, become the next generation of Gotham City heroes. Anna Lore, Olive Rose Keegan, Fallon Smythe, Tyler DiChiara, and Misha Collins (as Harvey Dent) also star.

The sizzle reel, clearly cut for advertisers’ eyes and the network’s Upfront presentation earlier in the month, definitely sells the more youthful aspects of the series with characters in high school and navigating their realities from that perspective. The network was well known for its younger-skewing series in its earlier days, but with shows like The Flash and Supernatural allowing the characters to age in real time, that fell by the wayside. And that’s even with a show like Legacies also taking place at a boarding school!

Reaction to the reel has been, well, mixed with many wondering why this was picked up at the expense of a show like Legacies or Legends of Tomorrow. Having watched sizzles reels for the last 15 years or so, we can say they’re not really meant for consumers. The point is to sell the program to advertisers, after all, and focus on buzzier, attention-grabbing concepts — “the kids of Batman and his villains go to high school” in this case. At the same time, the preview lacks a certain spark and suggests to us that the Arrowverse audience may have aged out of the network’s desired demo.

What that means for the actual quality of the program will have to wait until it debuts in the 2023 mid-season.

Call it what you will, but this sizzle reel for The CW’s upcoming Gotham Knights make one thing clear —COMICONRead More

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