Claws Versus Claws: Reviewing ‘Catwoman’ #44

Comic books fill so many spots when it comes to emotions and what a reader might be looking for at that moment, but honestly, some of the best comic books are those that just know when to have a bit of fun even when they’re being serious. That’s what Catwoman does so well.

We continue the road trip with Harley Quinn and Catwoman, as Red Claw strikes, and all things go to hell but work out in the end for the women. Tini Howard is so good at being able to balance the more serious tone of the ongoing plot that Catwoman is dealing with alongside the more silly and fun parts of this story (brought a ton by Harley Quinn) while hitting all the character development/moments as well. I would not mind at all seeing Harley in this book more because I really like how Tini writes not only her but her relationship with Selina. They’re a great pairing.

All the Black Mask stuff works and the twist with Red Claw at the end was unexpected but led to a great gag with the creeper dude following them (turned out to just be a normal creep) and how they dealt with him.

Bengal and Bellaire are a great pairing for this two-issue story. There is the perfect balance in detail and whimsical fun energy within Bengal’s artwork that makes this world feel deep and lived in but also makes it feel chaotic in the best way possible. It fits well with the bright colors that Bellaire provides, bringing tons of energy with those colors, but done in a slightly more toned down less slick way that matches the tone of Bengal’s artwork. It’s amazing how well Bellaire can shift her coloring to match whoever she works with so that no two books with her colors look identical, just similar enough to tell that it’s her style.

Lettering when done by Tom Napolitano is always a treat to behold. All the dialogue flows smoothly and is easy to follow per usual while making sure that personality and volume/tone are easy to feel through the words upon the page. Little quirks and changes done to the font to make sure we know how they feel and how loud they are or any other little intricacies that come with dialogue. There are also so many of the fantastic in-the-moment varied colorful awesome SFX that he brings to the page that I love to look at every time.

Catwoman #44 is now available from DC Comics

Comic books fill so many spots when it comes to emotions and what a reader might be looking for atCOMICONRead More

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